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In Transitus S.L haben wir eine Menge Diferents Hydraulikventile für Spritzgießmaschinen, Diferet Marken wie Arburg, Demag, Krauss Maffei, Engel. Fragen Sie uns per E-mail transitus@transitus.net oder besuchen Sie unsere Website, wo wir einen großen Vorrat davon haben.
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In Transitus S.L we have a lot of diferents Hydraulic valves for injection moulding machines, diferet brands like Arburg, Demag, Krauss Maffei, Engel, etc. Ask us via e-mail in transitus@transitus.net or visit our website where we have a big stock of it.
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In Transitus S.L. wir Havew eine Menge von verschiedenen elektronischen Karten für Spritzgießmaschinen wie Arburg, Demag, Krauss-Maffei, Engel. Bitte fragen Sie uns per E-mail transitus@transitus.net oder besuchen Sie unsere Website und den großen Bestand an es www.transitus.es
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In Transitus S.L. we havew a lot of diferent electronic cards for injection moulding machines like Arburg, Demag,Krauss-Maffei, Engel. Please ask us via e-mail in transitus@transitus.net or visit our website and the big Stock of it www.transitus.es
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Completa KRONES PET agua llenado LineLine en productionBrand nombre: KRONESYear: 2007-2006Capacity es 36, 36 de Krones 000bhp, 000BPH 2007Key AssetKrones soplado máquina aire conditionerHandheld toner termal Krones soplar MachineAir CompressorBlowing Máquina CoveyerKRONES 550ML MouldingKRONES600ML MouldingKRONES CoveyerKrones relleno MachineKrones Labellerfilm envoltura lineAir CompressorWeigh checkingJet tinta PrinterCIP SystemCoveyerDryerBeltLiquid nitrógeno de machineWater tratamiento machineKRONES nivel de a ...
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gebr. Container turning device Roll Bock turning (device) Make GSD. No. 9 built in 2007 maximum load 30 to maximum load with hangers-on 60 to Rolled Ã? 415 mm Roll width 500 mm total Werkstück-Ã? 1000-7000 mm Rotation speed 0-1.3 rpm 2 piece roller drive motors per 3.5 kW Connection 400 V External dimensions: 3900 mm 2000 mm deep Height 1100 mm Weight approx. 4200 kg Follower unit: Rolled Ã? 450 mm Roll width 300 mm total maximum load 30 to External ...
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SEMI MOBILE ASPHALT MIXING SYSTEM (container dimensions, partly in container) Output of the plant: approx. 90-100 to / h. The asphalt mixing plant was supplied by the manufacturer in 1984. Essential components were renewed over time, such as the drying drum and the inclined cable lift in 1996. 2 pcs. Bitumen tanks in 1998. PC control from 2000 up to date. • 8 pcs. Material boxes with the corresponding dosing belts • 1 piece of feeding belt on the machine, A -A 37 m, B -B 800 mm • 1 pc. Drying drum, d ...
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gebr. Container turning device (roll Bock turning) make GSD. No. 29 year 2005max. Belastung30 tomax. Hypertrophy Mitläufer60 toRollen-Ã?415 mmRollenbreite gesamt500 mmWerkstück-Ã?1000 - 7000 mmDrehgeschwindigkeit0 - 1.3 UpM2 piece roller drive motors je3, 5 kWAnschluss400 VAuÃ?enmaÃ?e: Breite3900 mmTiefe2000 mmHöhe1100 mm ca. 4600 kgMitläufereinheit: roller Ã?415 mmRollenbreite gesamt500 mmmax. Belastung30 toAuÃ?enmaÃ?e: Breite3500 mmTiefe1600 mmHöhe1100 mm ca.  ...
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Härtel fiber laser cutting machine "BEAR CRAFT" and "BEAR CRAFT Twin Table" is made with efficient and ecological fiber laser technology with proven reliability and flexibility. Only the focal length can be adjusted for different material thicknesses. Here no constant is necessary lens replacement Working area 1,000 x 2,000 mm Travel in the Z axis 180 mm Table load 200 kg / m ² Maximum no-load speed (max) m/min 169 Maximum Achsgeschwindigkeiten(X-U-Y)m/min 120 Acceleration ...
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3 x 12 angetriebene Position Türmchen [Y Achse am oberen Turm 80 mm (+ 50 / - 30 mm)] - Sub Spindel - 2 X C-Achse - Top Automazioni Barfeed Modell X-FILES-375 neu in 2008 - Fanuc 310i Kontrolle - auch nachgerüstet.
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torretas de posición conducido 3 x 12 [Y recorrido del eje de torreta superior 80 mm (+ 50 / - 30 mm)] - sub eje del huso - 2 x C - Top Automazioni barfeed modelo 375 X-FILES nuevo en 2008 - Control Fanuc 310i - bien fileteado.
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Zehn Achse verschiebbaren Leiter CNC-Drehmaschine - bar Kapazität Main/Sub Spindel 33 mm - 6 Drehwerkzeuge - 4 angetriebene Werkzeuge - 8 + 8 angetrieben Werkzeuge auf Turm (X3/Z3/Y3 Achse) - 4 wieder arbeiten Werkzeuge - Sub Spindel mit Auswerfer - Nr. 2 Achse - Iemca Boss 545/32LL Barfeed neu in 2013 - dieser Drehmaschine Baujahr 2009 kommt aus der Gildemeister-Showroom im Jahr 2013, vor dem Verkauf an den vorherigen Benutzer, es wurde einer Generalsanierung unterzogen und wieder - wenige Stunden registriert.
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Cabezal deslizante de diez ejes Cnc torno - barra del husillo principal/secundario de capacidad 33 mm - 6 herramientas de torneado - 4 herramientas accionadas - 8 + 8 por herramientas de Torreta (X3/Z3/Y3 eje) - 4 detrás de trabajo eje de herramientas - subcabezal con eyector - Nº 2 - 545/32LL barfeed de Iemca Boss nuevo en 2013 - este torno construido en 2009 viene desde el showroom de Gildemeister, en 2013, antes de la venta al usuario anterior, fue objeto de una remodelación general y registrado otra vez - h ...
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Good day, we have available -egine block 8ZAL40S -standard crankshaft 8ZAL40S For more details pl. contact us
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Good day, We have available -8ZAL40S block egine standard crankshaft 8ZAL40S For more details pl. contact US
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2000 KW MWM TCG 2020 V20 Natural Gas Generator Sets NEW/ Unused Two (2) 2000 KW TCG 2020 V20 Natural Gas Generator Sets, 400 volt, 1500 rpm, 50 HZ, Year 2017, Fuel: Natural Gas, New unused generator sets still in manufactures shipping crates. Complete generator sets with control panel, circuit breaker, transformers, exhaust, gas train, cooling tower, heat exchanger, manuals and etc.. Great opportunity and savings, priced below new purchase price.
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26880 KW Cummins KTA50 G3 Sound Enclosed Diesel Generator Plant 26880 KW / 26.9 MW Cummins C1400 D5 Sound Enclosed Diesel Generator Plant. Twenty Four (24) Cummins KTA50 G3 Diesel Engines with 1400 KVA/1120 KW Newage Stamford Frame P, 1734 B1 single bearing alternators. The diesel generator sets are versatile with dual frequency and will operate on 50 HZ or 60 HZ. Year: 2011, All of the generator sets are each housed in 40 FT Sound Proof Containers and there were additional sound proofing added to deal with cool ...
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2840 KW Wartsila Natural Gas Generator in Sound Proof Container 2840 KW Wartsila 18V220 natural gas generator in sound attenuated building, 1200 rpm, 0.8 P.F., 13.8 volt, 60 HZ, Year 2001, natural gas generator package has 22 test hrs. and was never used to generate power. Complete package except for the radiator and exhaust.Switchgear Siemens 15 feet Long, 8FT Wide, 9’6” height, Dimensions of generator enclosure: 12 Ft 4”, Wide 40 FT Length, Height, 12 Ft 10”, Contact Us.
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1720 KW Caterpillar 3516C-HD Diesel Generator set for Oil Field (2) sets Two (2) 1720 KW Caterpillar 3516C-HD Diesel Generator sets, 1200 rpm, 600 volt, 60 HZ, Year 2013, unused new surplus generator sets. The generator sets are available from a cancelled project and are stored in warehouse. The generator sets are eligible for the Caterpillar advantage warranty coverage. Contact us for more information.
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1475 KW Caterpillar G3516C Natural Gas Sound Enclosed Generator Sets Twenty Five (25) 1475 KW Caterpillar G3516C Natural Gas Sound Attenuated Containerized Generator Sets, 1500 rpm, 400 volt, 50 HZ, Year 2012 to 2014, all power packages were maintained in accordance with OEM maintenance schedule. Units were used in a power project with a total output of 36.8 MW’s. All natural gas power packages are in good condition.
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Caterpillar G3516 XQ1250G Natural Gas Trailer Mounted Generator Set 1250 KW 1250 KW Caterpillar G3516 XQ1250G Trailer Mounted Natural Gas Generator Package, 1800 rpm, 480 volt, 60 HZ, Year 2012, 22000 hrs. Engine G3516 low emission, Generator: SR4, Complete mobile package that is easy to transport and designed with 4 inch sound proof panels that will to accommodate worldwide locations. Gas Engine Control Module, Advisor panel, ECMP Control panel, Paralleling Control System, EMCP engine operator interface, Shore Po ...
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Dust collectors Power supply 400V 5,2A Motor power 2, 2kW Speed 2840 RPM electrically switchable on outlet Ã? 120 mm / 2049 and on nozzle Ã? 140 mm / 2352 1107 m3/h, Vmax, Vmin =. 1480 m3/h Spin button display Dirty filter indicator Manual filter cleaning Lxwxh: 1400 x 700 x 1920 mm Weight 150 kg
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800 €
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A 1995 built one owner (now retired) Charmilles Form 2LC 50AMP die sinker in super used condition fitted with System 3R & a 3 Axis Anilam DRO Specification: Work tank size:820 x 500 x 300 [mm] Max distance between table surface and spindle:150 x 550 [mm] Maxi weight on table:500 [kg] Electrode maxi weight:60 [kg] Dielectric reservoir Volume: 280 Ltrs Table sizes:500 x 350 [mm] - X, Y, Z strokes:300 x 200 x 200 [mm] Dimensions:1 300 x 1 300 x 2 200 [mm] Weight:1 000 [kg]
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480 €
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Mobile dust extraction Manufacturer SCHUKO Power 2,2 kW Speed 2,850 RPM. The machine can be visited like to see power and tried out. A forklift/crane for loading is available. There is the way learned to examine suburb for sale articles. Specific questions should be clarified in advance. The information, technical data, dimensions, year, condition are non-binding and were shown to the best of my knowledge and belief. Errors are reserved. The warranty / guarantee is excluded. The goods will be sold fro ...
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Exhaust system Spänex Year of construction: 1997 Area 1500 x 1500 mm Height approx. 6.80 m: 1.30 m high base + Filter Setup 4.50 m 36 Filterschläche approx. 2000 mm long with discharge under the dust extraction system with Spänex fan 5.5 kW and 1 transport Fan 4 kW and approximately 20 m piping good condition
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SCHUKO Ecovar extraction system Year of construction: 2004 Area 2000 x 2000 mm 4300 mm SCHUKO filter control to the automatic shut-off when full filter Abrüttlung at your fingertips with fire fighting pipe
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200.000 €
country-ae AE
Excellent machine TBA 19 20 fully maintained by tetrapak before being packed in boxes
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Número de artículo: 128776051
4.000 €
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Biscuit Moulding machine width 400 mm Very good Working conditions Eletric comand
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Complete Pringles Chip Production Line. (900 kg hr) Mostly built 2006 S/S Super Sack Unloading Station. Sweco 30 in Stainless Steel 2-Deck Vibratory Separator. Advanced Food Systems Model ABM1000 1,000 lb. S/S Batch Mixer with 150 HP Drive, 1200 RPM with approximately 20 HP Scraper and Allen Bradley Panel View Plus 1000 Color Touch Screen Operator Controller and S/S Two Door Electrical Enclosure. Machintek S/S Hydraulic Two Roll Sheeter with 18 in Diameter x 42 in Wide Jacketed Rollers, Heat Exchanger ...
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Número de artículo: 128775461
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complete plastification unit for DEMAG 2.300 unit with 80 mm screw and barrel
Número de artículo: 128775458
vollständigen Plastifizierung Einheit für DEMAG 2.300 Einheit mit 80 mm Schnecke und Zylinder
Número de artículo: 128775453
Número de artículo: 128775454
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4 Holme komplett für DEMAG ET 330
Número de artículo: 128775443
Complete plastizising unit 105 mm Engel for 5550 injection unit
Número de artículo: 128775436
Year 1981/2010 Band width 750-2,000 mm Band thickness 1.50 - 6.00 mm Coil weight of up to 30 tons Coilinnen - Ã? 508-760 mm CoilauÃ?en - Ã? 1,000-2,000 mm sheet length of 7,000 mm Section length of max. 15,000 mm Speed V = 45 m / min. Length tolerance 2.00 mm Working direction left - right system consisting of: Federal truck travels (underfloor) Double - decoiler Ver driveability hydraulic Driver setup - unit with attached to bending chisel and pressure roller with mounting fram ...
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ONCE IN A LIFETIME OPPORTUNITY FOR SALE Edible Oil PET Bottles Manufacturing Plant Two (2) UNILOY-MILACRON inject-stretch-blow machines Model: 750NN Year: 2000 Each machine include 10-cavities PET preform mold and blow mold for 48 oz. / 1.4 Liters Edible Oil bottles TWO (2) NISSEI inject-stretch-blow machines Model: 650NHII Year: 1996 Each machine include 10-cavities PET preform mold and blow mold for 48 oz. / 1.4 Liters Edible Oil bottles Exworks USA Ready to load
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OVERVIEW: Brand: Krauss Maffei Model: 160-750 EX Application type: Injection moulding Availability: 01/10/2018 Construction year: 2010 Production hours: 54001 Location: Spain CONTROL UNIT: Brand: Krauss Maffei Model: MC5 INJECTION UNIT: Screw diameter: 50 mm Shot weight: 357,6 g/PS Stroke volume: 393 cm³ Injection pressure: 1982 bar Plasticizing rate max.: 62,2 g/s PS Screw speed: 458 1/min Nozzle pressure: 30 kN CLAMPING UNIT: Clamping force: 1600 kN Opening stroke: 450 mm Mould height ...
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OVERVIEW: Brand: Krauss Maffei Model: 160-750 EX Application type: Injection moulding Availability: 01/10/2018 Construction year: 2010 Production hours: 53253 Location: Spain CONTROL UNIT: Brand: Krauss Maffei Model: MC5 INJECTION UNIT: Screw diameter: 50 mm Shot weight: 357,6 g/PS Stroke volume: 393 cm³ Injection pressure: 1982 bar Plasticizing rate max.: 62,2 g/s PS Screw speed: 458 1/min Nozzle pressure: 30 kN CLAMPING UNIT: Clamping force: 1600 kN Opening stroke: 450 mm Mould height ...
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