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HERBOLD SMS 45/100 H5-2

Technical Specifications Rotor diameter: 450 mm Output capacity: 750 - 1000 kgh Input throat (width): 1000 mm Rotor length: 1000 mm Material separation & cyclone included Conveyor with inline ABM Tunnel Metal ...
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Technical Specifications ; Rotor diameter: 450 mm; Output capacity: 750 - 1000 kgh; Input throat (width): 1000 mm; Rotor length: 1000 mm; Material separation & cyclone included; Conveyor with inline ABM Tunnel Metal Detector included.; Other Specifications ; Installed power 75 kW; Number of rotor knives per cutting line 2 pieces; 5 Cutting lines; 10 rotor knives as a whole; ; The machine will be in production until December 2014; ; 2 sets of rotor knives ; 1 sets stator knives ; 1 8mm hole screen; ; Dimenssions: ; The base of the Herbold SMS45100 granulator is 1300mm width x 2800mm length by 1200mm high. ; The hood is 2000mm high (detachable) and the conveyor belt is 1200mm wide by 5000mm long.; The overall weight is 6 metric tonne. 5 metric tonne for granulator and 1 metric tonne for hood and conveyor belt.; ; It can easily handle between 15 – 25% moisture; The machine is most suitable for dry grinding; ; Also included a guillotine (that can be seen in pictures 11 – 12 – 13 and 14) with the following specs; Size 132S, 5.5kw hydraulic motor, revmin 1450, Voltage 415-440 3phase, Hz 50, 25Tonne of cutting force, blade width 730mm, brand new spare blade, forklift type channels for easy moving, power source cable 20 amp, and guarded with safety light curtains.
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Separation plants

Optical separating device for plastic material and food
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Optical separating device for plastic material and food;
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