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Pop Glace (Frozen pop) pleine entière fabrique des batons of glace. Usine d'Occasion entière pour liquide le entièrement rénové. Chaque machine avec 4 ou 5 ou 6 voies jusqu' à l'exigence du client. Piece mécanique rénovée. Partie entièrement rénovée avec électrique the plupart des composants PANASONIC, PLC, écran tactile, photocellule électrique pour Spot. The peut être variable length juste sur l' écran tactile. L'usine est compoused avec 3 machines pour production: 15,000 PCs par heure  ...
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Mobile chip extraction -1 Filter bag, 1 bag of filling -Performance 2350 m ³/h -Vacuum 2140 PA -Motor 1.85 kW -Connection DM. 140 mm -CE compliant
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Wood chip heating NOLTING LCS RV 95/135 used, BJ. 2010 135 KW Content V 880 L Control Sutron BT 2 Incl. automatic chip removal To the self-destruction From site space Ulm Technical data: NOLTING furnaces LCS RV 95/135, which includes: Boiler LCS RV 95/135 according to DIN 4751 with integrated feed grate firing for the combustion of wood shavings, wood chips and other biomass of crushed. Three-pass tube boilers with a combustion train and two smoke tube trains. Steel boiler with inspection open ...
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Aspirator SCHUKO used, BJ. 2006 Flow rate m3/h for 8012 Fan S350/G/L2 with 11 KW 3798 PA with air return Feuerloeschleitung Negative pressure monitoring 6 chip bags including existing piping inside and outside Heavy equipment and machinery and equipment, without warranty. Technical data, year of manufacture and condition no warranty! Bought as seen! Subject to prior sale Payment conditions: Prices zuzügl. used. VAT, payment before picking up or shipping Terms of delivery: From location clo ...
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Shrinkwrapper with tray forming in very good condition with a speed of 45 trays per minute.
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Vertical machining centres MIKRON VCP UCP 710 Year / year: 2000 Control / control unit: HEIDENHAIN TNC426/430 StepTec - high speed motor spindle integrated + Including conveyors built in 2011 + Double 2xSchraubstock + Including hydraulic power pack + Including measuring probe Renishaw OMP 60 + Including central lubrication â?¢ Motor: 16 kW â?¢ Spindle speed: 50-18,000/22,000 rpm â?¢ Table size: 900 x 900 mm â?¢ Tool changer: 31 â?¢ Weight:  ...
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gebr. Ultrasonic cleaning system make FINN SONIC/WIWOX Model MC-170/I. No.: 523168-50-03 built in 2003 Internal dimensions 440 x 650 x 440 mm maximum load 160 kg Pool volume 200 l Heating power 6.4 kW External dimensions: Width 1250 mm 1150 mm deep Height 1000 mm Weight approx. 250 kg
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Cups - bottle Water Filling line Brand GAMA PLUS Year of manufacture: 2010 Capacity of 10000 cups - bottle per hour Rabot system The line is now operational
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12-digit vacuum filling combine with Corkers and bottle sterilizer diving Stella from Winery to provide direction: right - left various format sets available The machine is fully operational
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Used joinery machine Hundegger K2 Manufacturer: Hundegger, DE Type: K2 Year of construction: 2001 Condition: In good operating Technical data: Information without guarantee -Task - and feeding cross conveyor length: 7.25 m width: 2.2 m maximum wood length: 10.5 m -Lower table swivel caps saw carbide Saw blade ø 740 mm (11.0 KW) maximum operating depth of saw cuts: 300 mm at 90 ° adjustable processing hub -Universal milling unit -4-achsig turning plate milling head ø 350 x ...
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Used Complete Glass Bottle Hot juice filling line -1 Machine Manufacturer Type Model Year Capacity Comments Depalletiser Splatt 1995 Match f ...
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Stock number: 3396 CONTAINER TURNING DEVICE Manufacturer: HENDRIKS, type: 100 T Machine no.: 10, year of construction: 2009 Specifications: Size work-piece weight 100,000 kg Size diameter 4800 mm Rolling slide. 700 mm Roll width 490 mm Max weight PR. unit 50 T Engine power 2 x 0.75 kw Drive rollers 1 PCs Revolving roles 1 PCs Length: 3900 mm, height: 1200 mm, width: 1300 mm, weight: 5000 kg
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BAJAJ grinding room extraction system used, functional, built in 1997 still in operation! Suction wall bottom side 2000 x 500 mm4 x 50 x 50 cm top 4 filter ca 200 x 30 cm Explosion-proof special lamps Length approx. 6 m Used machinery and equipment without further warranty. On technical data and year of manufacture warranty! Subject to prior sale Self removal Disassembly and cargo on request Terms of delivery: From location Baden-Württemberg Our general terms and conditions apply, see in the  ...
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Good Used CAT C32 Industrial Power Unit 2009 Model - 8932 Hours Since New 1200HP @ 2100RPM Engine S/N: SYC0XXXX Arrangement: Performance Spec: DM9032 Governor: ADEM Starter: Air Cooling Method: Radiator Air Cleaner: Heavy Duty Emissions Rating: Tier 2 Flywheel Size: SAE 0 Engine Mounted Instrument Panel Rear Facing Exhaust Duplex Fuel Filter Fuel/Water Separator Fuel Cooler Charging Alternator Emergency Stop Coolant Level Sensor Exhaust Silencer (Mounted) Heavy Duty Skid In Stock & Ready to  ...
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Sourdough plant Make: ISERNHÃ?GER Model: B 300 ECO 300 kg sourdough -Mobile -top overhauled.
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Painting system / spraying unit SCHUKO used, year 2005. consists of: 2 spray walls 3000 x 2000 mm BH 1 filter cover approximately 10000 x 2000 x 500 mm LWH Specialty light bulbs Filter air supply unit Anisur Rahman ZL 160/130 consists of: 11 KW fan Filter 20000 m3/h Water heater Optional: Airless sprayers System installed yet From a location close to Ulm Heavy equipment and machinery and equipment, without warranty. Technical data, year of manufacture and condition no warranty! Bought  ...
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ABS system Fabr. Venti Oelde vollumnestrom CA. 27.000 m³/h Fan 31.3 kW Yom late 90 years with hot air extraction with pipes
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Angular plant with lots of accessories SMA-REF-3684 Category: wood window manufacturing complete production lines Manufacturer: SCM Type: Windor 60 Year of construction: 1997 Control: Siemens S7 online (2004) Aaltronic KLEAS / 3E Window system: IV 68 Wooden Windows Wood-aluminium Windows in the pass without changing the milling cutter Ingredients: SCM Windor 60 (Advanced. f. double wood) various longitudinal and cross conveyors Label printer STEGHERR dowel machine Hourly capacity: 25-30 window Co ...
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No. 03800 mobile clean air Entstauber AL-KO power unit 140 P / 140 H new machine specifications: OPTI JET off cleaning and bag filter snap ring intake 140 mm motor nominal power 2,2 kW / 3 pH voltage 400 V / 50 Hz maximum flow 1600 m³ /. h nominal volume flow 1108 m ³ / h vacuum for Vnom. 2591 PA filter area 6.3 m² filter cleaning compressed air / hand chip collecting volume (net / gross) 165 L / 241 L sound pressure level 69 dB (A) dimensions (LWH) in 1688 x 830 x 2050 mm weight 320 kg your advantage ...
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TA - lateral part / stamping plant, second-hand Cut to length / stamping - line, used Model / model: COAN 1.2 x 1450 mm Products / make: Heinrich Georg cross Valley Commissioning / year of commissioning: 1979 input material / input material: cold-rolled, galvanized and organically coated cold-rolled sheet in coils /. cold-rolled, galvanized or organically coated sheet in rolls Finished  ...
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ISVE COMBI SHREDDER GRINDER 800 mm.15 kw Construction year 2002 N.2×7,5 motors on sgredder 800×800 mm hopper 2 Shafts SOUNDRPROFED GRINDER 800 mm. N.3+2 KNIVES Average 25 rpm Grid Average outpur 250/500 kg/ depending on grid 2 Cutters 42 Tempered drills 2 Introducing trees 42 Introductory disks Grinding spout 800×800 25 Number of average rpm cutters / min Production Kg / h 250/500 Granulator 3 rotating and 2 fixed blades
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LINDNER MICROMAT 2000 S Throughput rate around 2.000 kg/h depending on grid holes Construction year 2006 Hydraulic pushing unit 132 kw motor Machine in good running conditions Constructor’s brochure available on request Offered either as is, where is or reconditioned
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LINDNER UZ150 TWIN SHAFT SHREDDER 2 Shafts 2×45 kw motors (60 Hp) Cutting chamber of 1500 x 1100 N.30 New and rectified blades. Blade diam.50,32 (n4) 15 tpm Constructed in 1995 Refurbished by constructor in 2006 wt.15.000 kg. Euro 62.000,00 ex works
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SINGLE SHAFT CRUSHER 1500 mm. Infeed 1489 x 1022 mm rotor diam. 500 mm. knives diam. 544 mm. Cutting group dimensions:2465 x 2568 125 Hp 90 kw motor Construction year 2015 Total weight about 10 Ton Total dimensions : 2827 x 2738 x H 2708 mm
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Table size 1050x750 mm X,Y,Z Travel 750,500,400 mm Work tank size 1.230 x 865 mm Max. workpiece height 400 mm Max. workpiece weight 1.500 kg Wire diameter 0,15 – 0,3 mm
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Length max. to rectify 450 mm. Length max. between points 700 mm. Module Max. 10 Diameter thread 3 - 80 mm. Diameter min. / max grind it 280 - 350 mm. Speed of the grinding wheel of grinding 199-1550 u. / min. Parts 0.47 port head speed - 48 u. / min. Power total 6.8 Cv. Weight of 5000 Kg machine.
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300 Tonnen Tie-Bar-weniger IMM Baujahr 2008 mit 200 CC Steuerung, integrierte Engel Roboter ERC 33/2-F, Kran für Schimmel Befestigung (2 Tonnen), 16 heiße Chanel, Akku für schnelles Einspritzen und Parallelbewegungen. 2-adriges Puller Fix Platen, Durchflussmesser, Gürtel-Transport. Plastizising Schraube bimetalic.DescriptionTechnical Details des Gebäudes YEAR 2008CLAMPING FORCE 3.000 kNPLATEN Größe 1.100 x 1000 MmSCREW Durchmesser 55 MmINJECTION Druck 1.616/2.053 BarINJECTION Volumen 511 cm3NOMINAL Kapazitä ...
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300 tons tie-bar-less IMM built in 2008 with 200 CC control, integrated Engel robot ERC 33/2-F, crane for mould fixing (2tons), 16 hot chanel, accumulator for fast injection and parallel movements. 2 core puller fix platen, flow meter, belt transport. Plastizising screw bimetalic. Description Technical details OF BUILDING YEAR 2008 CLAMPING FORCE 3,000 kN PLATEN SIZE 1.100 x 1,000 mm SCREW DIAMETER 55 mm INJECTION PRESSURE 1.616/2.053 bar INJECTION volume 511 cm3 NOMINAL CAPACITY OF PUMP MOTOR 45 kW OP ...
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PET LINE - 20,000 BPH Description Make Year Model Capacity Octabin tilter LANFRANCHI 1997 RIB. SINGOLO Blower SIDEL 1992 SBO 24/24 22,5 kB/h Rinser SIMONAZZI 1990 BLOKRINSER 48 L 26,5 kB/h Filler SASIB-SARCMI 1993 BLUESTAR 1R.100/90/15H/p.110 30 kB/h Capper BERTOLASO 1991 T850A-900-1000P-A-T 30 kB/h Filled Bottle's Inspector HEUFT 2012 HBBVXTXXX Bottle's dryer Labeller KRONES 1993 CANMATIC 960-24 48 kB/h Coder VIDEOJET 1-30000 mm/s Labell Inspector KRONES STARTEC Shrink Wrapper single pac ...
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From an industrial Unproofed. -Commissioning 2016 - 2018 disassembly -Designed for hot gas defrost - incl. drip tray and separate circuits in the block Very good condition. Currently expanded and stored Photos available
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Submerged UP welding machine for container construction SMA-REF-6348 Category: Other Manufacturer: EWM allocated Type: UP 4000 Year of construction: 2010 Workspace: Welding v. round and longitudinal seams X: 3.995 mm Z: 4.131 mm Facilities: Siemens S7 Kjelberg GTH 1002 Welding head parallel wire 2 x 2.5 mm CCD color camera system 2 tank rotators 2 welding turntables Powder circuit Condition: ready for use under current Location: Lower Saxony Availability: immediately Terms of delivery: From s ...
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CIP system including 5 x 10,000 litre stainless steel tanks and 3 x 5000 litre stainless steel tanks and associated pumps, valves, pipes and electrical cabinet
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Maximum Diameter: 1600 mm Minimum Diameter: 315 mm Output: 1.150 kg/h. Application: Drinking and non-drinking water supply and gas distribution
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Machine type plasma cutting system Make many Type plasma cut 120 LL Supply voltage 3 x 400 volts Setting range 70-120 amp Duty cycle 35% ED 120 amp 60% ED 90 amp 100% ED at 70 amps Current adjustment 3 gears Max cut 25 mm maximum quality cut 19 mm Cooling transformer by built-in fan Cooling burner pressure air cooled Version mobile industrial plant Securing 63 ampere Dimensions L x W x H 860 x 480 x 720 mm Weight 366 kg Age 30 yrs State factory held tested very well ...
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Semi-mobile batching plant type GROMIX M BRS, capacity approx. 50 cbm/h, SICOMA planet mixer, 4 fold series silo plant per 25 cbm per box, tape loading to the mixer, PLC control system on Windows based completely in a container installed, heating/hot water in the Container Mistakes and intermediate sale reserve, sales from site
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Joinery saw pin cutter SMA-REF-6196 Category: woodworking equipment Manufacturer: Karim Type: ZA 66 Year of construction: 1987 Blade: 5 blades (1 x swivel) 4 spindles Working range: depth of cut d units: 125-290 mm Condition: ready for use under current Location: Austria Dimensions: Weight: 1 t Availability: immediately Terms of delivery: From site Terms of payment: 100% prior to removal/loading
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Fryma vacuum process plant Delmix MZM/VK 500. Boiler capacity 650 liters Volume 500 litres Double jacket 53 litres in the product space vacuum Festival built-in vacuum pump Electr. Lid lifting device built-in Homogenizer Agitator
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CPL. disposable bottle filling line Capacity: 24,000 FL/h at 0.25 liter glass bottle KK consisting of New glass collection Rinser Filler with KK Labeling machine Packaging machine Incl. conveyor belts Year of construction: 2002 / 2016
Número de artículo: 133753469
max Size 520 x 850 mm min size 100 x 120 mm Year 2000 4 Buckles Noise hoods Nigh speed feeder head Digital counter with program Electronic knife Hook on shingle belt delivery Implant machine Immaculate conditions Cleaned and checked Ready for test
Número de artículo: 133753443
CNC laser cutting system (large format) SMA-REF-6375 Category: laser cutting machines Manufacturer: Amada Type: LC 3015 Delta II Year of construction: 1998 Control: Fanuc 16 LB Laser: 3 kW Workspace/equipment: X: 3,050 mm Y: 1,530 mm Z: 200 mm Steel: 15 mm VA: 6 mm ALU: 4 mm Condition: ready to use under current Overtaken Turboblower 2015 46.000 h Location: Thuringia Availability: immediately Terms of delivery: From site plus extraction/loading Terms of payment: 100% prior to removal/loading
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Complete Kimkay Bread Plant Manufacture of year :2015
Número de artículo: 133669341
Model year: 2012 Working tonnage: 200.000 tons In a good condition, no maintenance is required Please contact us for more detailed information
Número de artículo: 133669339
Model year: 2016 Working tonnage: 300.000 tons In a good condition, no maintenance is required Please contact for more detailed information
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GHIOLDI FILM EXTRUDER for LDPE MDPE E BIOCOMPOSTABILE screw diam 60 mm rotating die diam. 200 mm. calibration cage pull off unit mm.1200 back to back winding unit width 1.200 mm. onstruction year 1996 good running conditions can be seen running until end March installation possible on separate agreement
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Hurricane painting booth mod. KG-TOP-320 - rotation / BJ. 2014 / 10,600 x 5700 x 3600 / Rotary heat exchanger to the air - heating / cnc Siemens - Simatic / ceiling filter and floor grilles / Hitzregister / air - supply 30,000 m³ h. / 45 kW / mint condition Fe.gi.Maschinen.SBG.at Hurricane spray booth model KG-TOP 320 - rotation / year 2014 / 10,600 x 5,700 x 3,600 / Rotary heat exchanger supply for air - heating / / cnc Siemens - Simatic / ceiling filter and floor grid / heat register / exhaust air - supply a ...
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750 €
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Esta mobile Entstauber Type 10 WN Dustomat HMS Motor 1,1 kW Nominal volume flow 720 m³/h Diameter suction pipe 100 mm CE marking of school operation checked
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