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Labeling Machine Krones Multimodul 2.400 This labeling machine was manufactured by Krones in year 2006 and it comes with three stations for hot glue plastic and three stations for cold glue paper labels. The machine is till installed and in very good condition. A label inspector is also included. Krones modular labeling machines can be equipped with several of the same type or different labeling stations. The individual labeling stations are fastened on the machine’s base frame and changed, if required. The ...
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: unbek. Flaschen/m: unbek. mm: mm
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Machine fully automatic wrap-around can hot glue.
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Capacity: 6000 - 18000 Bottles/h formats: bottle diameter: 50-98 mm, max. labeldimensions: 140/140 mm, body, shoulder, rear labelMachine pitch: 182 mmDirection: clockwise rotationOperation / control: VIPA CPU 214, auxiliary voltage: 24 V / DCequipment: bottle carriers: 12 pieces, pallete shaft: 5/5 pieces, gripper partition: 4, star partition: 8
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Machine fully automatic wrap-around can hot glue.
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Nominal capacity: 6000 bottles/hControl range: 800 -6000 bottles/h formats: NRW-bottle, body,-/ shoulder/ back labelequipment: 2 hot melt pumps, 1 Inkjet for dating
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Product number: 1326 Type: GLM-I Serial number: 02127909 Max weighing: 6 kg Min weighing: 40 g e=: 2 g Power: 230V, 50Hz, 2.4A Dimensions: 2400 x 1000 x 2050 mm Top labeler
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Size: 370 mmEquipments:printing speed 30-180 prints/minthickness of printing material 60 - 350 g/m²power 29.8 kwMaße 10000 x 3600 x 1900 mmweb width 370 mmmachine weight 13000kgmax. printing width 340 mm
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description:\nFor printing of labels, bottles, packaging etc: prints only in black colors, incl. frame\n\nIndustrial ink jet printer\n\n\r\nBesides buying and selling of conveyors and machines our strength lies particularly in services and project planning, as for example in rebuilding and adapting of your installation as well as in overhaul and relocation of machines.\r\nYou have a first idea or even a concrete plan? It does not matter how far your project is, we support you in every phase!\r\nOr do you want to s ...
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There are three Ink Jet Printers available: (1) 2x VIDEOJET Excel 2000: max. printing speed: 278m/min, number of lines: 1-4, resolution: 23.6dots/cm, print density: 3.9characters/cm, character height: 1.6-8.4mm, length: 203mm, width: 508mm, height: 610mm, weight: 37.2kg (2) VIDEOJET Excel 170i: character size: 3.2-8.4mm, speed: 1832characters/s, length: 508mm, width: 203mm, height: 610mm, weight: 37.2kg.
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Capacity: 27000 Bottles/h Power consumption: 31,5 kWformats: 13 bottle formatsDirection: Left-rightOperation / control: Nominal control voltage: 24 V DCequipment: Shaft driveaccessories: dating machine, manufacturer: Domino, type: printer A 300
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Labeling machine for ampoules, vials and bottles. Output: Max 3000 units/h.
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24.000 bottles / h Nordson hot glue device - OPTIONALLY RECONDITIONED -
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Top label applicator designed to apply self-adhesive labels and booklet labels to the top of a range of flat packs. Recently used for blisters. Product (such as blisters etc.) are hand loaded into the automatic feeder and are then transported by the flighted belt conveyor to the ALS206 labeller. The product sensor signals the labeller to dispense a label onto the top face of the pack. The label is pressed down by means of a brush. Rollers are positioned above the flat pack to hold it down onto the conveyor while pr ...
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40 figure, direction left-right - OPTIONALLY RECONDITIONED -
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Used tube labeling machine for self adhesive labels Capacity 30-40 cycles / min. Tube diameter max.60 mm - min.20 mm - length 280 mm Label length of 300 mm - 200 mm max. label height Core diameter 76 mm - roll diameter 400 mm Electrical connection 220V 50 Hz Eneregy consumption1,5kW, compressed air needed of min. 6 bar Weight: approx. 500kg Dimensions 1,200 x 900 x 1800 mm
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Condition: like new Printer: 2 technical documentation: available Rotary table: like new Hours of operation: approx. 20 The automatic pricing system with small footprint, is both suitable for the integration into existing production lines using automatic product infeed and standalone product infeed. This system offers maximum efficiency and very easy operation via the colour touch-display with up to 65 packages per minute. 2 printer: from above and a printer from below Compact and hygienic stainless s ...
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All S/S construction front and back labeller with scroll infeed. Comet labelling heads. Chain aligners to centralise product bottle. Top hold conveyor to steady bottle. Open Date coder. After wipe label pressure pads. Right to left infeed. Max label height 150mm. 90mm wide plastic slat conveyor. Fully adjustable. 240v 13amp 50hz. Interlocked guarding. Machine size: 4000mm x 2000mm x 2100mm high, approx weight 850kg. CHECKED/TESTED/RUNNING
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All s/s construction front and back labeller with scroll infeed, centralisation wheel, top hold conveyor, after wipe rollers, fully guarded. Mobile on wheels. Left to right infeed. 90mm wide plastic slat conveyor. Max label height 150mm. Min label height 35mm. Power: 240v 13amp 50hz. High speed operation, approx. 100 labels per minute depending on size and container type. Machine size: 5025mm x 1600mm x 1850mm high, approx weight 350kg. CHECKED/TESTED/RUNNING.
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3 labelling heads: 1 top print and apply with Avery Dennison App 312 head and 2 additional Avery Dennison heads for applying tamper evident/safety proof label on each end of the box. Siemens Simatic HMI. Speeds of up to 60 per minute. Mobile on wheels. Last used in June 2017. Manuals in German. Machine size: 2500mm x 1250mm x 1800mm, approx. weight 450kg
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Single head labeller equipped with: Wilux Print AG wrap labelling system (manufacturer’s website: https://www.wilux.ch/home-wilux-print.html); Wilux Codlux LP-80 hot foil printer/emboss coder (including manual in German language); MR-Selbsklebe Technik control panel; gaping wheel. Designed to handle labels of height up to 200mm. Speed approximately 60 labels per minute depending on label type and size. All Stainless Steel construction. Variable speed 900mm wide slat conveyor. Machine size: 2050mm x 1050mm x 1600m ...
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Labeling Machine Krones Prontomatic 28 000 bph This Krones Prontomatic labeling machine was manufactured in year 2006. It is a rotary type machine and used for labelling glass and plastic containers with pre-cut labels. The machine is capable of front and back labeling. The capacity of the machine is 28 000 bph and it has less than 8 000 working hours. Supporting frame is made from hot-galvanized steel and it has stainless steel cladding. Only the glue pumps are missing from the machine, but otherwise it is in e ...
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Labeler PE SPLENDID Cold Glue 4000 bph This labeler machine is made by PE labeler in year 2000. It has the speed of 4000 BPH and possible formats are 33 cl APO bottle and 75 cl Champenoise, and the label size is 110 mm X 80 mm. Extra formats are possible on request. This is a linear cold glue labelling machine with fixed magazine, suitable for the application of partial or wrap-around label. Suitable only for cylidrical bottles. A glue pump is also included. The machine has very low hours worked and the usag ...
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Labeling Machine Heuft Tornado 30.000 bph glass This 2013 Heuft Labeller has been installed and commissioned in 2014. It applies both neck and body label onto glass bottles. Infeed / Outfeed is in U-Shape. Pictures are the machine as is. In February 2018 a complete 100.000 USD overhaul will take place on the machine replacing bearings, gears, label stations, label pads, brushes and other parts + industrial cleaning of the machine. The machine comes available in Q3 – 2018. Technical data: Make: Heuft ...
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Labeling Machine P.E. FUTURA TOP 16T – 14000 bph This PET bottle labeling machine was delivered by P.E Labellers S.p.A in year 2008 and it is recently dismantled. This Futura TOP 16T is designed to use hot melt glue in wrap-around pre-cut plastic labels and cold glue with paper labels place on front-back-neck positions of PET containers. Equipment is in excellent condition and ready for immediate delivery. Manufacturer: P.E. Labellers S.p.A, Italy Manufacturer’s type: FUTURA TOP 16T/1120/3S-3E Manufactu ...
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Labeling Machine Gernep Rollfed 12 000 bph This labeling machine was made by Gernep in year 2004. The machine has two roll feeders for polypropylene labels on PET bottles (suitable also for paper labels) with automatic switch over. Wraparound labels are precisely cut and attached to container with two hot melt glue stripes injected with Gernep’s hot spot glue injectors. Machine is dismantled. Manufacturer: GERNEP Model: ROLLFED 16-784 Year: 2004 Capacity: 10000-12000 (depending on format) Label type: Po ...
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Labeling Machine KRONES Contiroll HS 966-24, year 2012 This Krones Contiroll roll feed sleever has been used for three years before it was professionally dismantled, packaged for transportation and placed in a warehouse. It makes wrap-around plastic labels glued with two narrow strips of hotmelt glue on both ends of the label. Labels are fed on two rolls and change from one to another roll is automatic. The machine is in very good condition, safely stored and ready for shipment. It has been used for wrap around ...
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Labeler KRONES Multimodule II PSL, 46.000 bph This labeling machine was manufactured in year 2010 by Krones and it has been operated very limited hours till year 2014. It has six plug-in type APS (Autarkic Pressure Sensitive) 4-Spender labeling stations for pressure sensitive self-adhesive film labels and tree plug-in type gold clue paper labeling stations. The capacity of this Multimodule labeler is 46 000 bph in 0.33 and 0.50 liter glass bottles. Paper labels to be placed on front-back-neck of a bottle. Each  ...
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Labelling Machine KHS Innoket KL 2090/120 – 60 Labelling Machine by KHS Innoket KL 2090/120 – 60, manufactured in year 2005 and was stopped in year 2015. This labelling machine can be equipped with four of the same or different type labelling stations. Currently it has two labelling system for paper labels with cold glue and additionally there are three stations for self-adhesive labels. Machine it has been used for glass bottles front/back/neck labels. Capacity for paper labels is 66 000 bph and for self-ad ...
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Format: NRW bottles, output: 800-6000bottles/h, bottle diameter: 50-125mm, controls: SIEMENS SIMATIC S7, was overhauled in 2012, including two glue pumps and Ink Jet Printer VIDEOJET Excel 2000, year of construction: 2003.
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Labeler SIDEL Alfa Rollquatro F 25 Hot Melt Glue with auxiliaries This Alfa Rollquatro labeler was installed in 2006 and it was operated time to time till 2014 total operating hours not exceeding 10 000 hours! Rollquattro is a rotary wraparound labeler equipped with an ergonomically designed, robust and precise linear labeling station with place for two rolls of film labels. Label is attached to bottle with two hot melt glue stripes. Label platforms are teethed belt driven via single servo motor. This labeler h ...
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Wrap-around Labeling Machine Krones Canmatic 960-28 52800 bph This machine was installed in 2005 and it is still running and available in September 2016. Total running hours today being around 40 000. The labeler is currently working with 0.5, 0.6 and 1.5 liter PET bottles with pre-cut wrap-around polypropylene labels. Label material is polypropylene which was attached with two stripes of hot glue on both end of the label. Labeler has one precut label feeding station and two hot glue stations and 28 container st ...
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Labeling Machine Krones Autocol 747 Rotary Pressure Sensitive 55 000 bph This labeling machine was manufactured in year 2009 by Krones and it has been operated very limited hours till year 2012. It has three double reel stations for self-adhesive paper and film labels to be placed on front-back-neck of a bottle. Each container plate on the container table is powered by a computer controlled actuator. The bottle rotations required for rolling on the labels are conducted according to a set program. When changing o ...
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Labeling machine KRONES Multimodul 50 000 bph - 2006 This labeling machine was manufactured by Krones in year 2006 and it currently has three labeling stations, all for ready cut paper labels with gold glue attachment. The machine is till installed and in very good condition: Capacity: 50 000 bottles per hour. The number of labels: 3 labels (front, back, neck). Label material: paper. Type of glue: Cold glue Krones modular labeling machines can be equipped with several of the same type or different la ...
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This high capacity Innoket KL 2080 labeling machine was manufactured in year 2005 by KHS GmbH, Germany and it is dismantled in year 2013. This labelette has two stations for cold glue labeling system and it suits both for paper and foil applications. This has been used for GLASS bottles front-back-neck labels. It is controlled by Siemens S7 PLC combined with KHS Touch Screen Operator Interface. Labeler machine is in good operational condition. Note: This labeller has no label orientation unit Technical informati ...
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Herma H400 16R top label applicator 20922020 stainless frame, height adjustable top label applicator
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Full automatic bottle labeller; capacity 60 - 450 bottles / min, label length 152.4mm to 419.1mm, label width 25.4mm to 203.2mm, label height to 203mm from the bottom of the container. diameter of containers from 41.28mm to 127mm, minimum container height 25mm, maximum 381mm. PLC with 24vdc solid state outputs, LS function, timer, counter, clock, auto glue tank start time, touch screen with LCD. Power consumption-4,35 kW
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Format: 1l plastic bottles, output: 2400bottles/h.
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Gallus R250B Ref.Nr: 2515 manufacturer Gallus model R250B year built: 1986 availability: immediately condition: good price: on technical request spezification: â?¢ 6 colours letterpress and 1 flexo for varnish. â?¢ both flatbed and rotating cutting and corona treater. â?¢ We have many different flatbed and Rotary of cutting tools, and so many different cliché cylinders. â?¢ Here is a list of the cylinders to our R250B: Z96 6 pieces, Z97 4, Z99 6, 6 Z102, Z ...
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LABELLER Number stations gluing 2, label + against Pallet number altogether tagger 4 Number stations transfer 4 cylinder Maximum speed rated at 14,000 bph STAMP TAX BANDING MACHINE System of complete seal in glass by means of cold cola bottle neck
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Hot melt labeling machine for cylindrical shape bottle. Capacity 12000bph After general repair Equipment for bottles 0.75 liter and 1 liter --- We offer new and used machines. With any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.
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Domino A200 plus continuous inkjetprinter very good condition incl mobile stand, product sensor, and powercable 5 to 6 years old price on request
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Domino A200 plus continuous inkjetprinter very good condition incl mobile stand, product sensor, and powercable 5 to 6 years old price on request
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Kosme 720 9T S2 E2, 2009, L05079001, Kosme Self Adhesive Labeller, 2 station rotary labeller, front and back label application, Nominal speed 9,000bph. Includes documentation The label maximum Height is 190mm. Label length is relative to bottle diameter. Currently set up to run body and back label on glass bottles The labeller was originally formatted for 5 different bottle types as listed below: 74.6mm Diameter x 283.2mm Height ±Round Bottle 73.6mm Diameter x 300.4mm Height ±Round Bottle 74.1mm Diamete ...
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INKJET CODER DOMINIO AS PLUS http://www.inter-maquinasaguilar.com/en/productos/codificadores-tinta/ codificador-domino-serie-plus
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Used machine / Gebrauchtmaschine Machine information : Class Palette Labeler Manufacturer Bopack Systems Model 601XP Applicator Qty 2 machines Serial number 21343A & 21343B Year of manufacturing 2004 Speed 106 400 cont/h Type of cont Standard Cont size 330ml Number cont/pack 24 Number pack/layer 10 Length 1500 mm Width 1500 mm Heigth 2000 mm Power 230 VAC P+N+PE In=16A
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Year of release: 2011 Condition: good, working The two conveyor station is intended for automatic weighing of packaged product (trays after thermoforming or soldered bags) and applying labels. Suitable for small production plants and is easily integrated into line. Performance: up to 70 ppm. Weighing ranges 6 kg 3/6 kg 12 kg Price span Division 2 g (option: 1 g) prescribed m. finished packaging 500/150 g Price span Division, prescribed 1/2 min. finished packing 150 g Price span Division 2 g p ...
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