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Adhesive automatic labeller of a head. Brand: Eticopack, Coop. Overall dimensions: length 2, 700 mm, width 1.250 mm, 1300 mm high
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Machine fully automatic wrap-around can hot glue.
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Machine fully automatic wrap-around can hot glue.
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LABELLER Number stations gluing 2, label + against Pallet number altogether tagger 4 Number stations transfer 4 cylinder Maximum speed rated at 14,000 bph STAMP TAX BANDING MACHINE System of complete seal in glass by means of cold cola bottle neck
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Kosme 720 9T S2 E2, 2009, L05079001, Kosme Self Adhesive Labeller, 2 station rotary labeller, front and back label application, Nominal speed 9,000bph. Includes documentation The label maximum Height is 190mm. Label length is relative to bottle diameter. Currently set up to run body and back label on glass bottles The labeller was originally formatted for 5 different bottle types as listed below: 74.6mm Diameter x 283.2mm Height ±Round Bottle 73.6mm Diameter x 300.4mm Height ±Round Bottle 74.1mm Diamete ...
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INKJET CODER DOMINIO AS PLUS http://www.inter-maquinasaguilar.com/en/productos/codificadores-tinta/ codificador-domino-serie-plus
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Encoder Domino. Model: Plus No. series: W2A11408 220 volts, 2 amps Dimensions: 300mm, 550mm length, 730mm high. Weight 50 kg.
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Case sealers Soco System. Model T - 10 No. machine: 498-2006 Year: 28/2006 Voltage: 3x415V Frequency: 50 Hz 1.5 A Dimensions: width belt rollers 600mm, long tape rolls 900mm, 800mm, 1000mm length, 1610mm height.
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Automatic Labeller for tins of 0.5 and 1 kg Cold glue and hot glue Safety protections CE Completely reconditioned Ready for delivery
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ALTECH Alstep Labeler Construcción de máquinas especiales para el etiquetado de bolsas de plástico por Manz Druckmaschinen GmbH Por favor mirar las fotos por correo o Llámame para más información
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Self adhesive KOSME Model: EXTRA ADHESIVE 720 6T S2 E2 Hot melt Year of manufacture: 2000 2 Stations: body labels, back labels Clock-wise: Right-Left 6 Saddles Speed: 6.000 b/h Approx. Size: 2.5 x2 x2m
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Speed: 8-10.000 B/H Format: 37.5 cl y 75 cl Condition: Good conditions Characteristics: Labeling machine with 2 stations Cold glue Plates: 8 Speed: 8-10.000 B/H Current format: 37.5 cl y 75 cl.
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Characteristics: Bottle rack diameter 720 mm Number of plates: 12 Number of gluing stations 2, label + counter Number Palettes in Set Tagger 4 Number of transfer cylinder stations 4 Maximum speed 14,000 b / h Inspector Krones CHECKMAT type 707 for labels and capsule
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Labeler Coder DOMINO Type: PCU IV-ACC Serial number: 59633 Year: 2009
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Brand: GYM Internacional, S.A Model: BASE Number: 220 Year: 2004 Condition: very good Characteristics: Autoadhesive labeller BASE model. One head.
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Output: 14000 U/h Bottle Size: 1lt Type Of Label:Plastic Glue:Hot
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Number: 1761 - 2 stations labeling machine for self-adhesive label.
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Machine Specification: A Substantial Machine Body, constructed from a robust aluminum extruded base frame with integral frame members that in turn provide the mounting for various auxiliary modules. The base has a stainless steel top cover and end covers that enclose the base frame. The base frame also includes four adjustable feet. A 2575mm Conveyor Assembly, constructed from a stainless steel main section including separate end sections and includes the following features. - A single belt conveyor includin ...
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