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age 1999 1 main feeder 4 automatic feeder crosswise or alongside applicable max. format 32 x 46 cm 4 sucker for double-production opening station drum feeder for inserting Robatech Concept 8/4 nozzle glueing system foil packing unit pressing and seperating unit shrinking tunnel compensating stacker roller table Delivery time: immediately from stock Ref: ST190152A Please ask for price. We ship and install worldwide!
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650 €
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DATA ON THE MACHINE Machine type: Point welding machine Manufacturer: DALEX Model: PMS10/15 with MPS 1036 Condition: unchecked (used) Price 650 â?¬ FP net plus 19% VAT Location Warstein , Germany Reference M-DAL-1119 Description We offer you a point welding machine from the manufacturer Dalex. Cooling water hoses are porous, otherwise good condition. Our offer is aimed at persons who are covered within the meaning of the Trade Code in accordance with Section 14 GewO. The offer ...
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Length slot spindle mm: 620 Length Profile Spindle mm: 620 Machine control: SCM CONTROL 20 Workpiece length max mm: 2800 Space requirement LxB mm: 8300x6350
Número de artículo: 144003759
Glue thickness max mm: 10 Thick roll material max mm: 3 Feed max m/min: 14 Joining milling unit: Yes Machine length mm: 5500 Glue height max mm: 60 Workpiece length min mm: 140 Workpiece width min mm: 85 Weight approx. kg: 2600
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Working: -Length mm: 600 -Width mm: 320 -Height mm: 900 Max working length mm: 200 Max drilling depth mm: 180 Speed max rpm: 5000 Weight Kg: 350
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We are pleased to offer: MBO T45 4+4 with Stream feeder and noise Hoods Good working order Available immediately Located in the UK
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Size of editable plates: -Length Max mm: 1300 -Depth Max mm: 600 -Thickness Max mm: 45 Working pressure bar: 6 Weight Kg: 460 Ce
Número de artículo: 144003632
No 2 circular blades motors HP 3 - 2800 rpm No 5 drilling units motors HP 1 - 2800 rpm No 1 conveyor belt feeding machine HP 0,5 - 1400 rpm Pneumatic movements with hydraulic brake Stacking / Destacking device with pneumatic cylinders Electro-pneumatic machine control with PLC: Overall dimensions: -Length Mm: 2500 (useful for cutting and drilling) -Height Mm: 1400 -Width Mm: 1800
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BN 70.000 €
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It consists of three strapping systems SoniXs TR-6 Pro 500x600 (center) and a corner pusher 6 issue 1380 / einl. 1060/500.
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Número de artículo: 144003610
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Working time: 30108 h Beam On: 9951 h Maximum laser power: 2.7 kW Table length X: 3000 mm Table width Y: 1500 mm
Número de artículo: 144003595
Working time: 35184 h Beam On: 18246 h Laser power: 3 kW Working table length: 3000 mm Working table width: 1500 mm Facilities: Nozzle changer
Número de artículo: 144003584
Working time: 38524 h Beam On: 20700 h Laser power: 3 kW Working table length: 3000 mm Working table width: 1500 mm Facilities: Laser head New Nozzle changer
Número de artículo: 144003539
Duplo DC 615 Pro Docucutter Built: 2013 incl. software, computer and monitor -> very good condition! Immediately available! Fully automatic multifinisher with job memory, easy to use, quick result from sheet to finished product. Cutting and creasing in one operation!
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1 bum. Ironing bending machine Fabr. STEMA Twinmatic 16 XV Model 921 Engine hours: 6860 Computer: 4750 Without reel system, without rod system Single wire: 6-16 mm Double wire: 6-12 mm Conversion/renewal measures carried out in 2013/2017 for approx. â?¬12,250: - Conversion kit to PC, as well as extension of the PC with TouchPanel19 - Laser scanner with software .
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Stock ref #24041: One used BIHLER GRM 80 multislide wire/strip punching and forming machine, equipped with 4x forming slides and 25 ton press station, gripper feed on right-hand side. Max width of strip 80 mm. Standard feed length 520 mm. Max wire diameter 5 mm. Max operating speed 250 strokes per minute. Air clutch. Power supply 380V, 50Hz. Weight approx 5000 kgs. Year of mfg 1983, German origin.
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Used for the Deburring of Oil-Bores in 4-Cylinder Crankshafts Working Area of Axes: X11, X12, X21, X22 0 - 300 mm A11, A12, A21, A22 - 45 - + 20 Degrees B1, B2 0 - 360 Degrees Dimensions of Main Unit, L x W x H, ca: 2,200 x 1,200 x 2,300 mm Weight of Main Unit, approx.: 2,400 kg (empty) / 2,800 kg (operational) Complete Unit consisting of: - Main-High-Pressure Deburring Unit - High-Pressure Supplying Unit - Liquid tank 2,000 L (LxWxH, approx. 1.800x1.200x2.800mm / 750kg/2.750k ...
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CNC Crankshaft Deburring/Brushing Machine - YOM 2009 CNC Brushing / Deburring Machine for Shaft-Parts up to dia 300 x 1,000 mm,
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27.000 €
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The lathe of the tomb SU 100/3000 TOS ?elákovce, a functional machine, was involved in operation to the end of R. 2018, equipped with accessories and tools. Reason for selling release space for new production line. Connected, the possibility of testing, very good, was used sporadically. Dimensions: Weight: 8650 kg Width: 1990 mm Borrower: 6860 mm Height: 1680 mm In the price is not disassembly, pulling out and loading the car crane-ordering the company
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5 Axis Machining Center DECKEL MAHO DMC 105 V linear Built in 2007 CNC control Heidenhain iTNC 530 Travel X 1050 mm Y 800 mm Z 560 mm B Axis -10 / 110 C Axis +/- 360 degrees Feed 90 m/min Spindle speed 18,000 rpm Drive power S1: 35 kW Torque S1: 80Nm Recording HSK A 63 Tool changer 60-fold Table size diameter 950 mm Table load 600 Kg IKZ 40 Bar
Número de artículo: 144001563
CNC lathe MONFORTS RNC 400 A Built in 2001 CNC control SIEMENS EINUMERIK 840 D Technical data Travel X 250 mm Travel Z 620 mm Circulation diameter over slide 280 mm Circulation diameter over bed 410 mm Spindle passage 65 mm Speed range 30 - 4000 rpm Power: 26.5 kW Spindle holder A6 Tool carrier (X/Z) Disc turret Tool holder VDI 40 Number of driven tools 12 Machine weight approx. 7.5 to
Número de artículo: 144001559
Universal tool-feeding machine KUNZMANN WF 7 / 3 Built in 1996 Control HEIDENHAIN TNC 124 Technical details x-way: 600 mm y-way: 400 mm z-way: 400 mm Table size: 650 x 395 mm Tool holder: SK 40 Gear stages: 1-1125 / 1125 - 4500 rpm Speeds: 1 - 4500 rpm Table load: 250 kg Motor power main drive at: 100% = 5.5 kW Feeds:: 0 - 2000 mm/min Rapid response: 5000/4000 mm/min Total power requirement: 12 kVA Room requirements approx.: 2000 x 2000 mm Machine weight approx.: 2000 kg
Número de artículo: 144001555
CNC flat grinding machine BLOHM Planomat 408 Built in 2000 CNC control SIEMENS 840 D Travel X/ Y/ Z 900/ 550/ 360mm with CNC installer Dimensions 4500 x 3400 x 2450mm Magnetic clamping plate Coolant system with filter Various flanges for grinding wheels
Número de artículo: 144001553
Crankhaft Superfinishing Machine - YOM 2012 diam 200mm, length 800mm, Siemens Sinumerik 840D Serial Number: 710478 Weight in KG: 12000
Número de artículo: 144001549
GEAR SPECIFICATIONS - Modules 0.5 to 8 mm - External gear diameter 10 to 320 mm - Internal gear diameter 50 to 350 mm - Maximum gear width 120 mm - Bore and shaft parts (up to 500 mm lenght) - Honing ring diameter 400 mm TECHNICAL ADVANTAGES OF GEAR HONING - Smooth and quiet runnig gears - Higher gear durability, longer lifetime - No tooth burning, no thermal stress - Gear quality up to DIN 5 - Surface roughness Ra x 0.1 / 0.2 microns - Free in gear design CNC Siemens Sinum ...
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Crank / Cam-Shaft Angle-Approach Grinding Machine swing diam 355mm, distance to center 1500mm, weitgh around 12 tons Weight in KG: 12000
Número de artículo: 144001545
dia 400mm, Grinding wheel diameter 1100 mm, Workpiece length 635 mm, Siemens PLC S7 Power: 55kw
Número de artículo: 144001541
5 Axis CNC Machining Center CHIRON FZ15K S FLEXLINE Built in 2005 CNC control SIEMENS 840 D Travel: X-axis 550 mm Y-axis 400 mm Z-axis 360 mm Automatic tool changer HSK A 63 DIN 69893 Tool slots Tool shaft Tool-x max. 82 mm Tool-a for free neighbouring places max. 125 mm Tool length max. 250 mm Tool weight max. 5.0 kg 2-axis swivel device PEISELER consisting of: 4th and 5th NC axis smallest input step 0.0001° Swing axis Swivel angle s/he/she/he/she/he/she/he/she/he Repeatability of 8& ...
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5 Axis CNC Machining Center DECKEL MAHO DMC 80U hi-dyn Built in 2001 Control Heidenhain TNC 430 Details x-way 800 mm y-way 700 mm z-way 600 mm Speed 12000 rpm Tool holder SK 40 Tool change rupee 60 pieces. Pallet size 800 x 630 mm mm Machine weight approx. 10.6 t Space requirements approx. 8 x 6.2 x 3.2 m Transport dimensions 4.6 x 2.4 x 2.7 m
Número de artículo: 144001531
5 Axis Machining Center MATSUURA MAM 72-3VS Bj 1999 CNC control FANUC 16 i MB Technical details: Travel X 680 mm Travel Y 410 mm Travel Z 625 mm Travel B-axis +110o to - 110o degrees Travel C-axis 360o degrees Pallets: 40-fold Rapid speed X-Y-Z 50 m/min. Spindle holder BT 40 Big+ Spindle speed 15,000 rpm. Drive power 15 kW Tool magazine 240 stations Equipment: 40-fold pallet changer Outdoor cooling 1.4 bar / 1000 L / min. Direct distance measurement system (Heidenhain) KNOLL coolant syste ...
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625 €
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Used planing knife grinding machine Internal machine number m2922 Manufacturer Widma (Widmann) Type HS 710 Ma. No. 232 Built in 1968 Power 0.55 kw Speed 2,800 rpm Max grinding length approx. 700 mm With 2 spare grinding stones Item location: 58730 Fröndenberg/Ruhr The machine can be visited and tried out under electricity. We will be happy to send you more photos by e-mail. A forklift/crane for loading is available. An intermediate sale is reserved. It is possible to examine the ite ...
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Code: 0755 Brand: SCM Model: K 400 T-ER - CE Standard Automatic single-sided edge bander with grinding unit for the application of wood edges, veneer, Abs, melamine, Pvc, and other materials - CE standard - Year 2011 Edge thickness in rolls mm 0,4 / 3 - Edge thickness in strips 0,4 / 6 Panel height mm 8 / 60 Minimum panel length mm 140 Minimum panel width mm 60 Track feed speed mt/min 11 Height of worktable mm 900 Panel support roller conveyor Protection cabin for the entire length of the machine  ...
Número de artículo: 143986651
Edge gluing machine Manufacturer: Fields Type: G460 Built: 2013 Edge thickness min- max: 0.4-3 mm Workpiece thickness min - max: 8-45 mm min Workpiece width: 70 mm min Workpiece length 210 mm max chip pick-up milling cutter: 2 mm Aggregates: Joining unit Caps Flush/Radius Radius and surface drawing blade Machine length: 320 cm
Número de artículo: 143986498
1 of used blowmolder, make SIDEL, type SBO 14 SERIES 2, new 2004, Siemens S7-400, capacity 2.0L 16000 bph - 0.5L 21500 bph, moulds potentially included 0.5 L + 2.0 L, round Petaloid base, quick-change for GUPM shell moulds, maximum bottle size 2.5 L, oven type linear, number of heating modules 14, preform neck 28 / 1810, operating hours 72958, production hours 34191. Service by Sidel and own technicians. Condition reasonable/good. With: Sidel pre-form hopper, pre-form tipper, various pneumatic conveyors Rafael/Co ...
Número de artículo: 143986497
1 of used blowmolder, make SIDEL, type SBO 14 SERIES 2, new 2001, Siemens S7-400, capacity 0.5L 21500 bph, moulds potentially included 0.5 L squarround champagne base, quick-change for GUPM shell moulds, maximum bottle size 2.5 L, oven type linear, number of heating modules 14, preform neck 30/25. Service by Sidel and own technicians. Condition reasonable - oven chain incomplete, cam-card removed but new available with spares. With: Sidel pre-form hopper, pre-form tipper, various Ling Systems pneumatic conveyors, s ...
Número de artículo: 143986490
1 of used film-only multi-packer, make KHS, type Innopack Kisters SP 050 B2, new 2013. Operating side: links. Used for PET bottles 250/500 ml as 3x2=6-packs (dual lane) and 6x2=12-packs as well as 6x4=24-packs (single lane) in clear or print-registered film. Quick change-over via servos and spindles. Capacity upto 50 cycles per minute. Siemens S7 controls.
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Control system: OP77 Maximum bending length: 6000 mm Maximum sheet thickness when bending (black): 2 mm Maximum bending angle: 145 st Maximum blade width: 1000 mm Bending storage capacity: 110 Facilities: Disc shears Automatic stops GO 2019: Disassembly Cleaning Replacement of worn parts as well as folding and adjusting.
Número de artículo: 143986479
max machining diameter 500mm., The distance between the centers is 1500mm., machine weight 2.8 tons.,
Número de artículo: 143986475
Type: Ferromatik Maxima 200 Type MV200, International size: 2000H-1540 Injection pressure 1942 bar Stroke volume 792 cm3 Engine 55 KW Heating 23.1 KW Closing pressure 2000KN Subject: approx.45000 hrs Bauj. 2004
Número de artículo: 143986470
22.500 £
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Category: Injection Moulding ID: 6602 Manufacturer: Arburg Model: 420C 1300-675 Datasheet (PDF): View Here Viewing: Not yet refurbished Condition: Refurbished with guarantee Year: 2002 Clamp Force (t): 130 Screw Diameter (mm): 60 Max Shot Weight (PS) (g): 464 Control System: Selogica Lead Time: 8 weeks from order In Production: Yes Location: Wellingborough, Northamptonshire Awaiting refurbishment at out Wellingborough HQ is this Arburg 420C 1300 – 675 injection moulding machine. This machine was  ...
Número de artículo: 143986469
Lis Injection ARBURG 320 C 500-100-2 pieces: mth 38847, mth 39822, weight 2080 kg Closing Force 500
Número de artículo: 143986468
Lis Injection ARBURG 420 C 1300-350, year of production 1999, MTH 52541
Número de artículo: 143986455
1.500 €
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Lis injection Battenfeld BA 200 CD Battenfeld Austria year of production 1988 The machine is functional, it is necessary to seal the pump has less oil leaks. Motohours is-36.035 am.. Connected, still working, is in operation. Closing force-20 T The dimension between the guiding columns is-255x255 mm The size of the plate is-400x400 mm Diameter of auger-20 mm Dostrekne-45 g Control is in German language Weight approx. 2 tonnes to be loaded, the crane is ordered, loading by agreement Height 1.4 m x width 1 ...
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2.900 €
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Tool Cutter FUW 315/III, made in NDR
Número de artículo: 143986430
Technical data: -Manufacturer: Cesurbend -Color extra for bush -Type MRS 1250x110 -Country of origin: Turkey -Y.O.M. 2019 -Working area approx. 1250x4.0mm -Round rollers up to 4mm possible -the rollers are hardened -suitable for conical rolling -with foot pedal -Electric approx. 2.2 kw -Own weight approx. 1250Kg -Roll diameter: approx. 110mm -Machine with cast housing -Sideways swivelling upper roller -Separate from the machine, mobile control panel and foot pedal -Emergency stop
Número de artículo: 143986426
Eroding machine Charmilles Roboform 400 BJ 1996
Número de artículo: 143986422
Eroding machine Charmilles Roboform 400 BJ 1995
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