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Max. film width: 420mm, max. stroke length: 250mm, connected load: 7.61kW, length: 5600mm.
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Inverter welding is the transfer of welding technology from the factory (obtained thanks to large welding robots) to repair services using small-sized welders. These are the most modern devices for joining hard-sealable materials, e.g. with high carbon content, high-strength sheet metal, aluminum, highly coated sheets, e.g. zinc. These welders provide us with welding materials that are just beginning to be used in the production of cars. Alternating current converted into direct current.
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We are pleased to offer the following machine subject to prior sale : Manufacture ILLIG RV53 Size 500X350 Year: 1989 Machine without damage Mobil lower table We have other model for sale, do not hesitate to contact us at the address below. SNVI ENERGY GRAPHIC ACHAT VENTE MATÉRIEL INDUSTRIELLE 22 Rue du camp 93230 ROMAINVILLE 93230 France Tel : 01 57 14 99 19 / Mobile : 06 88 07 09 64 Mail : snvimachinery@gmail
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Description Brand WEBOMATIC Model APS ML 3300 ID SH5197 Status Active Year of manufacture 2006 Location Bucure?ti / Bucharest (RO) Thermoforming packaging machine WEBOMATIC APS ML 3300 manufactured in 2006. Technical data: drive: Mitsubishi servo-drive, high-dynamic, electronically controlled, control: PLC Mitsubishi FX with optional remote diagnosis. dimensions: 3.100 x 860 x 1.380–1.480 mm (W x D x H) working height 860–930 mm exit height 650–800 mm repeat length 200, 240 or 280 mm ma ...
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Availabilities: as of now Condition: in operation Viewing/Inspection: by appointment Maintenance: was regularly
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Availability: as of now Location: Thuringia Condition: in operation Maintenance: was regularly Inspection: by appointment Voltage: 400 V Frequency: 50 Hz phases: 3 + N Nominal power: 8 kW Nominal current: 30.5 A technical documentation: available
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Used thermoforming machine TETRA LAVAL, type: 680 (685/102) still in use - sale by Exchange for new machine beginning of September -El. Connection: 230 / 400 V, 50 Hz, 28 / 35 A More information on request. Inspection and testing are like possible.
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Cup format: 2x 6x125-150g, punch pattern: x2, x4, x6 (63x63mm), output 150/ 125g: 18000/ 21000cups/h, compressed air supply: 131Nm³/h, controls: SIEMENS SPS, including spare parts.
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Film width: 325mm, top film width: 315mm, outfeed belt length: 400mm, vacuum pump output: 250m³/h, length: 4600mm.
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• Manufacturer / Type: ILLIG / FS 37 • Built in year 1993 • Products: curd cheese, other products possible however product specification required. • Output: 12.200 cups/h • Cup shape and volume : Machine prepared for rectangular shaped plastic cups of 100 x 80mm top dimensions, 2 different forming tools available for cup volumes of 250 and 500ccm. On request other cup volumes possible, however not bigger than 500ccm. • Cup materials: PS base web material, Alu / PET lidding material for ...
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Multivac R 275 MF The Multivac R 275 MF thermoforming packaging machine enables the production of MultiFresh™ vacuum skin packaging in large batches. It offers a great degree of variability with regard to MultiFresh applications. The packs are easy to open by means of an opening aid. The machine can be optionally designed for the manufacture of vacuum and MAP packaging. MultiFresh In the case of MultiFresh vacuum skin packing, a special skin film is used, which envelops the product without tension like a secon ...
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Rigid films APET/PE special item no peel Strength: 250 my width 438 mm at a special price quantity: 20,000 m Price: 200,-â?¬ per 1,000 YDS in complete loss
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Thermoformed foil packaging machines Multivac, type: R7000 / MC, with Mr. labeller for labelling below and with ELS labeller for labelling above type: R7000MC Machine number: 9453/611 Year of construction: 1987 Electrical power supply: 380 V, 50 Hz, 20 A, 6 kW, supply for fumigation Optional with vacuum pump Film width: 600 mm Working width: 550 mm Format tool: Thermoformed foil packaging for refrigerated goods such as sausage or cheese 6-tool Length: 177 mm Width: 159 mm Depth: 5 mm - 90 mm foil: rigi ...
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Thermoforming machine Type R7000 / MC. Machine number: 9747/611 Year of construction: 1988, format tool for sausage at a time: 290 x 50 mm; Weight: 500 g Forming depth: 50 mm Operating voltage: 380 V, 50 Hz, 39-50 A, 18 kW Working width: 550 mm Overall dimensions of the thermoforming machine: 7000 mm x 1750 mm x 1900 mm.
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Output: 8-9cycles/min, bottom web width: 622mm, foil width: 620mm, max. draw depth: 150mm, forming system: thermoforming lid, thermoforming lid: 150-450mm, length: 11795mm, width: 1510mm, height: 2015mm, available at beginning of 2019.
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1 used Form - Filling and Sealing machine Make: Newpack (TMCI Group / Italy) Type: FM-200-M Year: 1991 Serial number: 1290118 Hours of operation: 1991 - 2003 10,000 h, 2003-2010 = 2010-2015 = 9,300 h It was followed by a complete overhaul in 2003 and 2010. While overhaule was installed also a new "PICK & PLACE" pack system overhaul in 2010. Currently Product: marmalade, jams, honey. With low adaptation: Any pumpable pro ...
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Refurbished 2015 m., MAP/vacuum, only soft film, step 205 mm, film width 420 mm, Format 3:1 (205x127 mm), 5:1 (205x76 mm), maximum formation depth up to 80 mm,length of product loading area 600 mm, Busch 100 m3, microprocessor Allen-Bradley (USA), touch screen, automatic chain lubrication
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Used Finnah 2.600.004 thermoform packaging machine Approx. 24.800 hours after general overhauling and modernization in year 2007. The cup shape is 72mm x 72mm The filling range is from 100 to 250ml. Fruit pieces can be up to 10mm size The machine is equipped with 1 filler only As already advised the machine is NOT aseptic but equipped with a laminar flow cabin only. Additional devices for packing material disinfection can be installed. Thus the machine is suitable for fresh products only kept inside the ...
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ILLIG HSA 50 C. Built in 2000 15,500 hours of operation 2 cards-applicator Cooling device VERY good condition
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Table dimensions: 1500x1000mm, table height: 1650mm, connected load: 25.5kW, length: 2800mm, width: 2450mm, height: 3400mm a large range of deep-drawing moulds made of gypsum and wood respectively, packaged in 50 crates is available too.
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Multivac M 855 E PC thermoforming machine machine number: 1645 Year of construction: 1991 Type: M 855E PC Film width: 285 mm Transport chain: 1/2 inch k matching AMACO printer available on request Machine dimensions: length approx. 3760 mm; width: 800 mm â height: 1750 mm, weight: approx. 1700 kg Hub system A - tool stroke 150 mm Forms with compressed air and heating Separate form air connection with fine filter for oil-free compressed air for heating and forms Top film: 270 mm; Film: 285 mm ...
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VC999 I-series thermoforming machine Superb condition VC999 thermoformer. Excellent machine with a high output. Professionally taken out of production 9-10 February 2018 This machine has Pin MAP Gas, Has a Jumbo film unwind for extra large film rolls and Top labeler Start/Stop buttons added to OP trim windup tensioner enclosure. Offered with many spare parts (find photo’s) Combined with the Co570 (find information below) this is an exquisite line, ready for production. i560/390/8400 Film width: 560mm L ...
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Blister thermoforing machine for PET for olive oil, jam, chocolate cream. Thermoforming machine for Minidose. Up to 12.000 pcs per hour. Spanish production. Best components as Panasonic, Omron, Datalogic, etc. BP Machinery, experience from 10 years ago. More information please contact.,
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Thermoforming machine Condition: like new Machine hours: approx. 700 Availability: as of now Description The plant was used approximately 80 times in single-shift operation. since commissioning. The machine is in very good condition (well-kept!). Price on request
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Film width top/ lower film: 410/ 420mm, stripping length: 720mm/cycle, packaging format depending on mould: 50x335-380x695mm, packaging height: 170mm max., vacuum pump suction output: 255m³/h, vacuum pump outer dimensions: 1000x600x700mm, compressed air consumption: 150l/min max., water consumption: 135l/h max., length: 6500mm, width: 900mm, height: 1800mm, weight: 1t.
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Order confirmation machine R216 Goods to be packed : 1- MULTIVAC Type R-126 Manufacture of Year : 2015 Packing Meterial Bottom web ( flexible),Type : PA/EVOH/PE,Width :322mm,Tolerance +2mm Thickness :approx 120um hot seal compliant,draw compliant 1-Basic machine 2-Vacuum Pump 3-Cutting sytems 4-TRIM Removal 5-Transport Systems 6-TOOLING Basic die 1-tracks / rows VARIO 1- tracks 1 / rows
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Ilpra Thermosealing. Year: 2000 Registration: FP613 Series: Foodpack Model: basic v/g 230V Busch vacuum pump with gas. Pump type: RB0021. Mould dimensions: 320mm, 260mm length. Overall dimensions: 900mm width, 950mm length, 1500mm high.
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Pneumatische Kolbenspritzgieß-Maschiene Allrounder Guter, gebrauchter Zustand, voll funktionsfähig Weitere technische Informationen entnehmen Sie bitte aus den Bildern
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Thermoforming machine for small cups of olive oil, ham, honey etc. Themachine make the full process with thermoforming, filling , sealing and cutting. PLC and Touchscreen, dosing with servomotor. Electric photocell for spot. Top brands in electronic components, as Omron, Datalogic, Panasonic, Schneider. Further information please contact. we produce it in Spain. The machine is tested some years ago, good thermoforming with PET, dosing with no dropping and good sealing and easy open. Production depend ...
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Second-hand machine Sealpac 350TVG Traysealer, with Busch vacuum machine 250 for MAP (vacuum/gas) two additional tools: -227 mm x 175 mm -340 mm x 145 mm -187 mm x 137 mm Machine is ready for use and in very good condition. the machine is available and can be tested in Meersburg/Baden-Württemberg
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Railway film 420 mm Preferential 600mm Fresh meat machine
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Formats: 2 x 4, 2 x 6, 2 x 8 cup of 125 g Capacity: 21,000 be/h Cutting image: 2 x / 4 x / 6 x / 8 x -Basic machine according to the offer, including forming station with Banderole technical state - second filler for 4 kinds of product in the Pack of 8 cups - UVC sterilization bottom foile - UVC sterilization lid foil - laminar hood filling zone - laminar hood lid station - integrated Packer with bypass - auto. role switching foile - autom. Role switching label - punching tool for Pack o ...
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Rebuilt PowerPAK 665 af 430 mm media width New film chain 2015 / 2016 hub overhaul / Syed 2017 Total length 8.90 m Thermoforming station with Vorhezung Welding station with radiant heating and nozzle bar for fumigation Photo cell control with upper slide brake Preferential motor stepless Format record 143-2.3 with Peelecken and 223-2.2 (newly made) 2 cross-cutters and 2 cross cutting Separate conveyor belt Edge trim suction Knees loading
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Multivac M 855 E PC thermoformer thermoforming packaging machine for food and pharmaceutical products Machine number: 1645Year: 1991Model: M 855E PCMachine dimensions: length about 3760 mm; Width: 800 mm; Height: 1750 mm; Weight: 1700 kg.Film width: 285 mmTransport chain: 1/2 inch -KLifting system A - tool stroke 150 mmHeating and molding with compressed airSeparate form air supply with fine filter for oil-free air for molds and heatingUpper sheet: 270 mm; Among film: 285 mmPhotoelectric print mark control for film ...
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Machine is in Switzterland and all parts shown by hand not come with machine.
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Machine is in Switzterland and all parts shown by hand not come with machine.
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Machine is in Switzterland and all parts shown by hand not come with machine.
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Machine is in Switzterland and all parts shown by hand not come with machine.
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Machine is in Switzterland and all parts shown by hand not come with machine.
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Machine is in Switzterland and all parts shown by hand not come with machine.
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Multivac R 530, rigid films + soft film, film width 420 mm, trigger 560 mm 2.3, MAP fumigation, long loading, jumbo roll holder for film, double film holder for top film, printing mark control, 3 x cross cutting for soft slide, 3 x hard foil stamping
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Sealpac thermoforming the thermoforming machine 150 mm flue length Cutting length outdoor: 380 mm Formatmasse: 2 x 190 x 150 mm We can offer also a labeling system with (top label) offer. The machine is in very good condition. Machine is from feedwater
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New vacuumpumps for sale TYPES R5 RA063D R5 RA100D R5 RA160D R5 RA305D Never used
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BN 1.200 €
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used not working machine Tiromat VA 430 L for spare parts Delivery without guarantee
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BETA PACK THERMOFORMING MACHINE PRODUCE: BETA PACK MODEL: BPT 26/37 YEAR: 2006 This machine forms, fills, seals and cuts. This machinery is not used, it was bought new, it is in perfect condition except the filler which is blocked. This machinery fills viscous products (forms, fills, seals and cuts) casseroles from base film PP+PET, lid film AL+OPP, AL. It has a capacity of 14-16 cycle/min, 1 cycle = 6 casseroles.
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With tool for 6 cups. Cup sizes: round 45 mm, height variable depending on weight requirements. Die size: round 53 mm, with pull tab. Dosage: volumetric, 6-cups, 10 to 20 g, weight adjustable. Product hopper approx. 50 litres. Capacity: 9,000 cups per hour depending on the consistency of the product.
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With cup forming station for 15 cups Cup format: 33 mm x 51 mm, height variable depending on the weight Cutting dimension 41 x 59 mm with pull tab Volumetric dosing unit with 15 measuring points for 10 to 30 grams, weight adjustable. Product hopper approx. 50 litres Performance: max. 30000 cups/h depending on the product consistency is suitable for the filling of honey, butter, jam, etc. With carton packer Hassia. Used, complete overhauled.
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