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Número de artículo: 127832471
Capacity: 40,000 cans/h Format: 0, 33l can (211/202)
Número de artículo: 126957633
Número de artículo: 125780319
Monobloc filling wine - liquors 36/8. 36 fill valves 8 heads Arol capping Cork Possibility to fill Max pressure is 1.5 bar Speed Max 10,000 b/h Format 1 litre
Número de artículo: 125579480
Rinser SOLTER in good conditions the user
Número de artículo: 125579478
Rinser Perrier 24 valves. And good condition
Número de artículo: 125579476
Rinser Perrier 24 valves. In good condition
Número de artículo: 125579472
Rinser Perrier 30 valves. In good condition
Número de artículo: 125284679
86.000 USD
country-us US
330 Prisma, in excellent condition 2006 model
Número de artículo: 125284629
Número de artículo: 121867103
Aseptic carton filler for milk IPI Model: SA 50/2 500 Format: 500ml base Output: 3300 U/h Year 2009 Machine in working condition till the 20-01-18
Número de artículo: 106827695
40.000 €
country-pt PT
Tribloco FIMER, model STR 9-9-1, for non-carbonated wines, Cork closure
Número de artículo: 85601979
4.000 €
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Automatic Telescopic filler for vegetables and solid products (volumetric system), includes 2 formats ( 0,5 kg and 1 kg cans )
Número de artículo: 75729892
15.000 €
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Automatic Piston filler, with 12 pistons, s.s., able to work with pulps and fruit concentrates, maximum volume: 1,200 cc;2 formats included: 1 lt and 0,5 lt; usable with cans, bottles and jars. Regulation of dosing volume with hand- Wheel. Out put (depending of the product): 5.000 wtih 0,5 format and 3.000 with 1,0 lt format.
Número de artículo: 68757987
Brand: COBERT Model: AMBRA 30 Speed: 10000 bottles/hour Format: 0.75-1 Litre Number: A 90 30 006 Year: 1998 Condition: very good Characteristics: -Gravity filler. -Automatic rising and withdrawing of the machine. -Pipe regulation. -Automatic pistons lubrication system. -Left to right entry. -Vacuum pomp. -It is possible to connect a pilfer cap capper.
Número de artículo: 68757948
Water Container Filler Brand: GYM Internacional, S.A Model: RTE 4-1 Speed: 400 bottles/ hour 8 L///400 bottles/hour 10L. Number: 25502-2091 Year: 2005 Condition: very good Technical characteristics: - Type dispenser: Endress + Hauser Dosimag A - Types of packaging: cylindrical glass bottle 225x 367 diam. -8L Bottle glass colíndrica 245x394 10L diam- - Voltages: 380 V 50 Hz 24 V 50 Hz - Powers: conveyor belt motor: 0.75 Kw Pump motor power: 1.5 Kw Feeder capsules: 0.5 Kw Control group: 0.2 k ...
Número de artículo: 41021357
Dairy bottling Line Output: 4000 U/h Bottle Size: 1,5 l Valves-Filling Heads: 24
Número de artículo: 41021346
Output: 12000 U/h Bottle Size: 1,5 Closures: PCO 1881 Labels: Rotary type automatic labelling machine Packing: 3 x 2 Palletizing: Europallet
Número de artículo: 38279036
Dimensions:770mm X 820mm X 2100mm Condition: in good conditions Characteristics: This is a highly accurate semi-automatic stainless steel single-head weight filling machine capable of filling up to 500 containers per hour. The flexibility of this versatile system allows filling a wide range of liquid products such as oils, paints, agricultural and even adhesives. The system is also capable of filling powders and granules. Air Pressure required: 6 bar. The machine can fill containers from 100g to 11kg  ...
Número de artículo: 20624285
Complete aseptic carton filling line Elopak S-SS80HA Including: FILLER Elopak S-SS80HA, year 2009 Capacity: 8100cph Volumes: 500ml, 750ml, 1000ml CAPPER ELOPAK PLA S30, 3000cph, year 2009 CAPPER ELOPAK PLA S31, 3000cph, year 2009 CAPPER ELOPAK PLA S32, 3000cph, year 2009 PACKER MEURER CM/HTW, 1500cartons/h, year 2009 SHRINKWRAPPER SMI LSK 45 F, 2200packs/h, year 2003 Approx. working hours (September2014): 14.000 Product: Juices The line is still in production.
Número de artículo: 6695325
Used filler for alcoholic beverages and wine. 18 filling valves. Inlet left Speed: 2.500 BPH
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