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We have a large selection of various used Norden parts including hot air nozzles and cooling rings, filling nozzles, tube tilters, cams, pistons and barrels and lots of tube holders in varying sizes. Please see the attached photos and feel free to send us an enquiry.
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feed pressure: 10 max.barliter capacity: 8 m3 / H ltotal power requirement: 0,37 kWweight of the machine ca.: 10 kgdimensions of the machine ca.: 0,50 x 0,25 x 0,30 m
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55.000 €
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Automatic depaletizer Automatic layer pad separator Double inlet chain conveyor Out put: 3 layers/min. Pallets from 880 x 1.100 up to 1.400 x 1.100 mm
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Little used 3 crimping pliers for crimper E.g. FA. Panmasol 2
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1 of used Nordson 24' hose, Blue Series, 240V / 760W, new 2013. Nordson part number 274797. 6 available (subject to remaining unsold).
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1 of used Nordson 16' hose, Blue Series, 240V / 504W, new 2013. Nordson part number 274796. 6 available (subject to remaining unsold).
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1 of used Nordson glue gun, type Mini Blue II SureBead, 230V / 100W, with solenoid valve and 40-degree connector, new 2013. 12 pcs. available (subject to remaining unsold).
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1 of used Nordson hotmelt unit / melter, model VersaBlue, type VA025-4GXXX6/PXLXXXXCXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX, Nordson part number 8154131. new 2013, only 364 / 365 operating hours! 25 liter, standard configurable, 400V 3 Phase WYE, gear pump SN0773 (PR25m2; 37.1 kg/h), 6 hose/gun pairs, automatic pneumatic pressure control, level monitoring, standard main switch red - 3 pole, on casters, standard 0.2 mm filter with 85 bar safety valve. 2 units available (subject to remaining unsold). Hoses and guns not included (available a ...
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25.000 GBP
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Selection of new spare parts for Rommelag 3012 BFS machine, as recommended by the manufacturer, including hydraulic power pack.
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Busch R5 100 m3/s vakumierpumpe NEU! Operativ zuverlässig und kostengünstig Die Drehschiebertechnologie wurde seit 50 Jahren kontinuierlich von Busch entwickelt und optimiert, wobei sowohl die Wirtschaftlichkeit als auch die Zuverlässigkeit des Betriebs konstant sind. Hohe Effizienz und energieeffiziente Antriebseinheiten sind die positiven Ergebnisse dieser Entwicklung. Anwendungsorientiert Die Vakuumpumpen R 5 zeichnen sich durch hohe Pumpgeschwindigkeit auch in Niederdruckbereichen und damit zu schnelle ...
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New vacuum pumps type R5 model ra063d ra100d ra160d ra300d never used
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325 €
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Angle cutting machine. NEW.
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1.000 €
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Toothed sticking knife for packing machine. 10 pieces approx. 260 mm long handle recording according to drawing or sample. Please separately request.
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Our keg caps fit all types of extractor tubes : sankey spears, « A » type spears, triangular spears Benefits of our keg caps : â Can be placed manually or with an automatic capper on the extractor tube â Protects against dust â Sealing function â Easy to open â Can be personalized with your logo â Many colors available â Quick delivery Cap size available â Ã? 64 mm caps to be used with Sankey spears (S-Type tube). Come in b ...
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280 €
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12 rolls shrink flat film (600 x 0.030) 1500 m / suitable each role also for the packaging of wallpaper rolls.
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1.800 €
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Becker vacuum pump / absolutely mint condition Run-time = 1 hour for test purposes Year 2013 Motor output 1,5-1,8 KW New price 2,400 euros
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1 of used hot-melt unit, make Nordson, type 3700-2BB36. Tank capacity 13.6 kg, melt rate 18.1 kg/hour. Suitable for 380-415/220-240V, 50/60Hz. With Pneumatic piston pump 21:1, non-recirculating manifold for 6 hoses witih standard filter, Multiscan controls for 6 hoses and guns. Hoses and guns NOT included. New 1990.
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various machines pouring tools for Weckerle lipstick machines list with the precise data can be requested interest
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Air transport divides pneumatics impulse
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We have large stock of now OEM-obsolete used mechanical spare parts and electric / electronic parts for Kisters and ZVT tray- and shrinkpacking machines. Including AEG DPW 101/102, Kisters PC09 / Kisters PC020 / Kisters PC030 / Kisters PC040, and Indramat servo drives and controllers, Mayr Primo servo controllers. Details upon request. MAC 71C-0-JS-4-C/95-A-0/WI504LV/S001 MAC 71C-0-JS-4-C/95-A-0/WI504LX/S001 MAC 71C-0-JS-4-C/95-A-1/WI504LV/S001 MAC 71C-0-JS-4-C/95-A-1/WI504LX/S001 MAC112B-0-GD-4-C/180-A-0/W ...
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