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Arsoma EM 410, 1990, 6 colors Although the machine is one of the manufacturers older generations, the flexo units belong to the newer Arsoma generation with quick change system. E + L Web guide Web width 410mm Teknek-Web cleaning GEW UV system Matrix rewinder Corona treatment K & B gap master BST power scope 3000 Base printing cylinder set Base anilox set of rollers
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range L-W-H: 390 x 270 x 760 mmcorner cutter: 1
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310.000 €
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ref. F 102 Gallus EM 280 10 colour flexo, web width 280 mm, year 2009, 10x IST cold UV dryers, video control, Corona treatment, turn bar, in production, price: 310 000 EUR FCA
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Processing standard 1 Corona 1 Web cleaning 8 print stations type 8 UV is a cooling roll Register control Sensotec Rail system for 8 units of pressure 1 rail turning device 1 Web video 1 rotary die cutter 1 grid deduction 1 take-up unit printing supplies for 8 units total 40 pressure cylinder, 8 anilox rollers. 4 magnetic die cut cylinder
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3.900 €
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TECA print TPS 101 good condition. Email if you have questions.
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Stack type 4 color flexographic printing machine Model : Alina Year : 1965 Spec:- Number of Colors : Four (4) colors Printing Width : upto 1020 mm Printing Pitch : 310 – 710mmm Status : Dismantled – Machine under operation until June 2018 MFG : Windomoeller and Hoelscher • Cutting Gears 310-710mm, detail to be confirmed • Printing Cylinders: 32 pcs All machine or equipment is offered as is where is with all faults without warranty and is subject to prior sales. All information provid ...
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used Flexo Gallus 430 roll width 430 mm form length 85mm- 660 mm corrugated board up to 450 paper min 100g/m2 labels 80-180 mm speed 150 m/min 8 sections
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used flexo NILPETER for labels year 2001 7 sections and die cutting sections roll width 25cm normal working speed 40 meters per minute uv, conventional and alcohol inks EMA driers 30 additional rollers as BONUS
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Unwinding standard of SK material - roll diameter max. 800mm Roll handling unit Teknek ground-cleaning, both sides Arcotec corona pre-treatment plant for the front 2 kW standard 9x antistatik for 2 printing unit 9x printing unit 1 9x Flexo printing - inking unit with anilox impression cylinder sleeve 9x color pump (Peristatik) dynamic pressure delivery per printing unit 9x UV drying system Uviterno 9x cill roll servo driven Rotastanz unit Control Station: Grid transfer device, rail, tension measuri ...
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Printing width: 1270mm, material width: 1320mm, printing length: 330-870mm, max. speed: 300m/min.
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9 FLEXO UNITS 9 IS UV SYSTEM chill rolls 4 SCREEN UNITS 1 HOT FOIL UNIT 1 THE CUT UNIT WITH K & B GAP MASTER 1 EMBOSSING UNIT Delam / Relam Automatic register control alpha 1 WEB VIDEO SYSTEM BST EUROSCOPE PRO MA 1 COLD FOIL UNIT 1 PRINT BACK UNIT 1 LAMINATING UNIT "SCOTCH" 1 LAMINATING UNIT GLASSINE 1 LAMINATING UNIT UV on request Martin up and Unwinder Machine still has various printing accessories
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UTECO FLEXO STACK 4 Colors 1600 m. wide Construction year 1998
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CMF IN-LINE FLEXO PRINT 6 Colors 1600 mm. wide Construction year 1995
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Unwind lift unit with pneumatical Corona, Web cleaning 10 hybrid printing unit 10 UV drying GEW, chilling cylinder, chilling machine 2 screen printing unit, process-exchange trolley for screen inking unit Screen printing periphery Cold foil or lamination Hot foil stamping Diecut unit Rotometrics HydraJack Matrix rewind Web video BST POWERScope 300 Automatic register control Sensotec Rail system Web turn bar Delam / relam Rewind unit 50 aluminium printing sleeves, 5 magnetic cylinder, 16 Anilox  ...
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73.000 €
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8 colour: ref. F81 Propheteer 1800 8 colour flexo, year 1997, web width max 18 inches (457 mm), true printing width 412 mm due raster rollers width, die cut station, 5xslitting unit, 8xUV drying, 8xhot air drying, Tru Color Vision camera for register adjust, form rollers: 8x93Z, 8x99Z, 6x110Z, 6x124Z, 28 raster rollers, in production, price: 73 000 EUR FCA
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Velcro / Curioni 2000 Details: â?¢ Vacuum slot â?¢ 2 printing units â?¢ Manual Slotter â?¢ Fold glue with glue application by glue wheel â?¢ Counter ejection Technical details: â?¢ min. sheet size: 240mm x 500mm / 9.5 "x 20" â?¢ Maximum sheet format without skip feed: 720mm x 1910mm / 28 "x 75" â?¢ Maximum sheet format with skip feed: 900mm x 1910mm / 35.5 "x 75" â?¢ Space  ...
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250 mm 4+1 col CI Etirama used flexopress for labels can be shown in operation interesting price please let us know if you are looking for other machines or if you have your machines for sale
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6 col central drum flexopress Carint used flexopress can be shown in operation well equipped price for quick sale 27000 euro exw Machine offered subject to unsold
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18.500 €
6 color 1200 mm used Flexotecnica flexopress can be shown in operation Special price for quick sale: 18500 euro exw
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Uteco used gearless 8 col central drum flexopress in operation full offer on request machine offered subject to unsold
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Schiavi used gearless 8 col central drum flexopress in operation full offer on request machine offered subject to unsold
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Rotomec (Bobst) - 10-F Rotopak 4000-2ES/1025/550/C, 2001 Ref.Nr: 2516 manufacturer Rotomec (Bobst) - 10-F built-in model Rotopak 4000-2ES/1025/550/C year: 2001 speed: 550 m / min availability: immediately condition: good price: on technical request spezification: â?¢ automatic duplex unwinder: 2 â?¢ Bonding units: 2 bonding units in unit 9 â?¢ Draw group: 4 â?¢ Printing unit: 10 (cartridge type) â?¢ Printing units ventilation: 10 â?¢ Web revers ...
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8 colors UV dryer on all printing units, together with chiller and water cycle Hot air exhaust duct and fan Corona Teknek-Web AntistatiÑ? Video BST 3000 Stamping and embossing unit Matrix removal
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series 7641, 1 colour flexo-typo/printing machine Bobst IRT, Max: 1050 Ã? 1600 mm, min: 100x300mm, speed: 3200, (book printing, printing on paper, printable materials: cardboard, cardboard 0.7 3 mm, corrugated cardboard up to 6 mm), box cutter, possible for cutting to length, cardboard, Plan Schneider, typo. CA 1962
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Bobst flexo 160, 1987 Ref.Nr: 2503 manufacturer Bobst model flexo 160 year built: 1987 Max sheet size: 1100 x 1600 mm availability: immediately condition: good price: on technical request spezification: â?¢ 5 flexo colors â?¢ Feedmaster Serco pre feeder â?¢ Vacuum transfer
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FOCUS PROFLEX 250s 6 color flexographic printing with UV Manufacturer: Focus label machinery Type: PROFLEX 250s Year of construction: 2011 Working width: 260 mm Print width: 250 mm Pressure movement: 6 GEW UV dryers: 6 Cooled rollers: Yes Cold foil/laminating: yes - on 6th unit Web guide: Yes Corona: Yes LONGITUDINAL cutter: yes with 3 knives External rewinder: Yes Automatic register: Yes Camera inspection: Yes Maschinenaustattung: External unwind with 76 mm pneumatic core holder. Auto tensi ...
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completely barrel level detector kit for flexo washer DuPont BASF CYREL e.g.
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flexo plate punch for pin bars Nyloflex flowline washer F III washer for flexo BASF
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Printing length: 350-1000mm, max. roll diameter: 1000mm, speed: 365m/min, max. material width: 1320mm, max. printing width: 1250mm, with ink containers, pump basin, ink pumps and chamber blade.
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Kirby FPS 2,8M, 1993 Ref.Nr: 2474 manufacturer Kirby model FPS 2,8M year built: 1993 Max sheet size: 1225 x 2875 mm availability: immediately condition: good price: on technical request spezification: â?¢ feeder â?¢ 2 print units â?¢ Slotting section with extra tools to produce FEFCO 0966 â?¢ Stacker
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automatic core cutter / cardboard cutting machine working width 160 cm with automatic feed intended for cardboard and soft plastic sleeves! Quick and easy cutting of tubes with different diameters Clean cuts cause any dust with a single circular knife - in contrast to saws; good
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BHS UF-1310-VARIO flexo press, 2003 Ref.Nr: 2448 manufacturer Bras model UF-1310-VARIO flexo press year built: 2003 speed: 10-300 m / min max sheet size: 1300 mm availability: immediately condition: very good price: on technical request spezification: â?¢ Bras UF-1310-VARIO flexo printing ma t â?¢ Printing width: 1300 mm â?¢ Material width: 1320 mm, min. 700 mm (depending on the material), min. 900 mm (12 of µm PET and 20 μm OPP) â?¢ Unwindi ...
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Mega steel Schubladenschraen -ideal for storing paint plates 6 printing presses proven robust steel construction with format just drawers in precise, heavy-duty ball bearing guides, multiple pull-out lock and central locking, laminated countertop per 10 drawers approx 8 cm height capacity approx. 1250 x 1590; good
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5 drawers with its own timer Max Einlegeformat 1000 x 1450; good
Número de artículo: 124136537
Platesetter commercial format 50x70cm; verry good
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Infeed width 135 cm Stainless steel version with large storage tank; good
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eight 8 colour central cylinder flexo press Fischer and Krecke Modell 34DF-8 a Bobst companyWeb width (1) max. 1250 mmSpeed (2) 250 m/min; working condition
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Automatic Secare-Rolls flexo printing machine 4 Color Flexo priniting unit Hollweg/Honsel Typ 607 SN:4571 Size: 1000 mm with air cylinder for Sleeves and Anilox Rollers - Automatic SECARE Rollrewinder MONOMATIC Typ IPRS-IPRX-50/1 Build: 1991 size: 800 mm with new control / Navigate slitterrewinder with 2 knives - Unwinder MONOMATIC Typ UMDS-1997 Build: 1991 -with Documentation and accessories - some videos: on request
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BASF Flint Kombigeraet Herstellung von wasserauswaschbaren Nyloprintdruckformen; good
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30.000 €
country-bg BG
Central impression machine • Maximum printing width 1200 mm (1300 web width) • Pneumatic tension control • Additional installed tension control /Montalvo brand, upgraded 2003/ • Anilox rollers with doctor blades - 6 pcs • 6 Colours • Web guiding system • Electrical heating (ovens) • Electrical heating of the central impression roller -18?0 • Automatic system for the heating of the hot air • Hydraulic motor ...
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Roller surface width: 1,900 mm Width, max: 1700 mm Produktionsgeschw.: 6.3-63 m / min Print width: 1600 mm Film thickness: 100-400 µm 2-Bale Turret-Unwinder, 2-Rollers Termpering Unit, 2-Rollers Cooling Unit, Dancer Roller, 6x Printing Stations, 6x Intermediate Dryers, Inspection Range, Final Dryer (4.400 mm), Chilling Unit, 2-Bale Turret-Rewinder, Register Controll, Colour-Circul. with Viscosity Controller, Web Scan Device , Accessories by agreement like Printing Rollers, etc. Printing of PVC-Softfil ...
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20.000 €
Flexo printer 4 colour material width 900 mm Age: 1994
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7.000 €
country-pl PL
Flexo printing machine 4 colors 600mm width After general electric and mechanical repair --- We offer new and used machines. With any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.
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