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max. size 74 x 106 cm perfecting: 8/0 - 4/4 age 2010 ink remote control COLORTRONIC QUALITRONIC inline quality control video register ACR DriveTronic SPC - simultaneous plate change with simultaneous blanket- and printing cylinder washing fully automatic plate change FAPC VARIDAMP Delta film dampenings ink unit temperature control combi cooling unit Baldwin CombiLiner (water cooled) SIS sensoric infeed without sidelays automatic washing devices video control of perfecting device antistatic device dr ...
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impressions: 273 Mio.max. printing speed sheets: 13000 /hmax. paper size: 72 x 102 cmdampening system: Alcolor Vario plate clamping system: Autoplate serial no.: 545.909 Feeder type: Preset Plus ink temperature control: wassergekühlt
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HEIDELBERG XL75-8P-LX-C(52 x 75cm), Age c.2009, serial no.LS000350, circa 108 million, 15,000 SPH, Perfector 4/4 and 8/0, Press Centre, Presscenter color assistant, Presscenter Instant Gate, Wall Screen, INPRESS control x 2, Autoplate XL- Simultaneous plate changer, Preset, Automatic pallet adjustment in feeder, Alcosmart AZR, Alcolor Vario dampening system, Automatic perfecting change-over system, Technotrans Beta C ref/circ with ink temp control (water cooled), Technotrans Beta F filtration system, Programable r ...
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HEIDELBERG XL105-8P5(75 x 105cm), Age c.2012, serial no.FS0001393, circa 163 million, 15,000 SPH Perfecting Speed, Prinect Press Centre with 12.5M extended cables, Autoplate XL- Simultaneous plate changer, Prinect INPRESS control x2, Hycolor, Package IPA free, Wall Screen, Alcolor Vario dampening system, Eltex anti-static in feeder, Preset PLUS Feeder with non stop (prepared for Cutstar), Preset Plus non-stop Delivery, Ultrasonic two sheet detection, Combistar Pro combined refrigeration/ ink temp control (Water-Co ...
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Imprs.: 320 mio Maximum format: 740 x 1040 mm Minimum format: 340 x 480 mm Max. Printing area: 715 x 1020 mm Printing plate format: 785 x 1040 mm Max speed without Perfecting: 16000 sheet / h Max speed with Perfecting: 12000 sheets / h thin substrate from 60 gm onwards Perfecting: 2/6 APL fully automatic plate loading ColorPilot CCI Grapho Metronic FM 19, remote control pult (measuring device new) Intercom - feeder and delivery Tecnotrans dampening and Inktemperature control with Alcosmart alcohol stab ...
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8.000 €
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4 cassettes 2 knives in productions
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Heidelberg SM74-8-P+LX Year 2012 8 color 4+4+L ; 8+0+L Size: 530 x 740 mm ca 270 mio impression Equipped with: Press Center with touch screen Alcolor with Vario Preset feeder with one suction tape Technotrans beta.c with AlcoSmart AZR CombiStar CAN open (air-cooled) Ink temperature control AutoPlate
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Sheet-fed offset 530 x 740 mm 8 color offset printing press in production
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HEIDELBERG SM74-8P5+L(52 x 74cm), Age c.2000, serial no.625120, circa 164 million, CP2000 Press Control Console, Axis control, Alcolor, Autoplate, Pre-loader on feeder, Preset in feeder, Electronic sidelay, Electro mechanical 2 sheet detector, Technotrans Beta C refrig/recirc with ink temp control (water-cooled), Alcosmart AZR, Programable roller/ blanket/impression cylinder wash from CP2000, Grafix exatronic + spray, Heidelberg roller coater, Scrollstar, Drystar IR dryer, Steel plate in feeder and delivery, Interc ...
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(installed 2007) - 53 x 74 cm - ca. 150 mio impr. (Jan. 2018)Perfector 2/6 - 8/0Alcolor VarioCP 2000Combistarall washing deviceswater cooledcoating system chambered doctor bladeNonStop feeder + deliveryextended delivery X3Intercomall PU UV preparationPU 1 + 2 bivalent, 2 ink agitator, No. 2 Interdeck UV IST 200W + 1 fixed Interdeck on Perfector deviceEOP Drystar UV IST 200W+IR+Hot airWeko AP 232 powder sprayAntistatic AdvanceAirStar Pro water cooledcoating unit UV preparationdelivery UV preparation
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8 Color72 x 102 cm1997265 Mio.AlcolorAutoplateTechnotransCPC 1.04CP-TronicIR-Dryerin productionoverhaulded 2016located Germanyavailable: 08/2018
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Komori LS 840 P Year: 2005 Impression: 141 Million Size 72 x 103 cm PQC-S PDC-S2 KMS IV CIP link AMR- Automatic Make Ready System Komorimatic Dampening Technotrans Beta C Cooling and Recirculation Device APC - Full autoplate Auto Roller- Blanket – Impression wash Ink Temp Control High Pile delivery Grafix Digitronic 3000 Powderspray Perfecting Jackets Changed 1 month ago. Plate punch and Bender included Still in Production
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450.000 €
country-pl PL
ref. 801 Heidelberg Speedmaster 102-8-P Format 72x102 cm, year 2008, 189 mio. imp., perfecting 4-4, Preset Plus feeder and delivery, Autoplate, WashStar, CombiStar, StaticStar, InkStar, CleanStar, AirStar, CP 2000, Autoregister, Wallscreen, ink units temperature control, CutStar prepared, available 1st quarter 2018, price: 450 000 EUR ex site
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350.000 €
country-pl PL
ref. 806 Heidelberg Speedmaster 74-8-P+LX format 53x74 cm, year 2012, 240 mio. imp, perfecting 4-4, high pile delivery, Autoplate, Alcolor Vario, Technotrans CombiStar CAN, ink units temperature control, DryStar IR dryer, WEKO AP 262, Prinect Press Center, Preset, in production, price: 350 000 EUR FCA
Número de artículo: 121921163
HEIDELBERG SM74-8P-5H(52 x 74cm), Age c.1997, serial no.622006, circa 113 million, CP tronic, CPC 1-04, Electronic sidelay, Preset, Autoplate, Prog. roller/blanket/imp cyl. wash via CP Tronic, Technotrans refrig/recirc with ink temperature control, Grafix powder spray, Steel plate in feeder and delivery, 15,000 SPH, Stream feeder, Double sheet control, High pile delivery
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Heidelberg XL 75-8-P-LX2-C 8-colourful sheet-fed press with coating unit, extended delivery and perfecting device. Universal machine for the most demanding requirements in commercial, label, and packaging printing. Information: Age: 2009 Condition: good Condition of cylinders: Damage free Location: Russia Complete and in working condition. Available: May, 2017 Counter: 190 mio Current State: Dismantled Technical data: Max. sheet size: 530 x 750 mm Min. sheet size: 280 x 350 m ...
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Inpress Control WallScreen Prinect Press Center with Remote Control of Ink Zones, Ink Fountain Roller as well lateral, circumferential and diagonal Register, with Light Pen, Job Memory Card and Touch Screen ALCOLOR Vario damping with circulation and refrigeration CombiStar Ink Temperature Control AUTOPLATE XL fully automatic plate change PRESET PLUS automatic size adjustment automatic ink roller wash-up device automatic blanket and impression cylinder wash-up device Ionsiator Advanced in feeder and deliver ...
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perfecting 4/4, 8/0 CCI / RCI remote ink and register control of lateral, circumferential and diagonal register Roland-Deltamatic damping with circulation and refrigeration Ink Temperature Control APL highly automated plate change automatic size adjustment automatic ink roller wash-up device automatic blanket and impression cylinder wash-up device suction feed table modular printing units with double-diameter impression cylinders refined plate, blanket and impression cylinder sheet decurler powder spray ...
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Perfector, CP2000, Autoplate, Alcolor dampening, Cooling and recirculation unit, Towder coater, Extended delivery, Cooling and recirculation unit
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max. size 53 x 74 cm perfecting: 8/0 - 4/4 age 2007 Prinect Press Center Prinect Inpress Control Instant Gate Color Assistant ALCOLOR Vario film dampenings ink unit temperature control cooling unit CombiStar (water-cooled) incl. Alcosmart AUTOPLATE automatic washing devices PRESET InkLine 3000 antistatic device StaticStar dry sprayer PowderStar AP 262 dynamic sheet brake air supply cabinet AirStar (water-cooled) RSP Inline Finishing System water cooled machine - without chilling system shown tot ...
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size 59 x 74 cm Perfecting 8/0 - 4/4 Color-Pilot-Plus ink control system AIR Center (Rietschle) Technotrans temperation Technotrans combi cooling device with external condensator washing device for printing cylinder Quickstart Low Coverage stabilisation Powder (Hitronic) Inline Observer Optiprint Jackets preparation for colour temperation Non Stop semiautomat delivery Still in operation: YesAvailable: sofort
Número de artículo: 8888316
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