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including: Autoloader, Selector and Kodak Premium Workstation (PC Hardware with Creo Print Console exclusive developer unit.
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Imageseter Manufacturer: Cron Model: TP 2616 H Year: 11/2017 Equipment: Number of plates: approx. 5,000 Availability: Aug. 2019 Defects: none Location: Germany Price: on request
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Minimum sheet thickness: 1.25 mm Machine weight: 2000 kg
Número de artículo: 136334109
8 up Violet CTP System Manufacturer: Heidelberg Model: Prosetter 102 Year: 2001 Condition: good Software Available: Now Price: on request
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Bitzer refrigeration unit Complete with Grose evaporator with three fans Compressor type 4PC-15.2y 40P
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720 €
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-3920 W/230 V Very little needed, function-tested!
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Our PSG _ control device won 1-96 nozzles up to 260 ° C Vsotwu Distributor and snorkel 5.6.7,
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Nielsen Chocolate enrober Serial: 960713 Stainless enrober with stainless wire mesh belt, belt dimensions 1400mm x 400mm, variable speed, tank heating, top heating, re-circulation tank with pump, blower, mobile frame, 3Ph, 4Kw motor
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Lüscher X Pose, 2003 Ref.Nr: 2715 Manufacturer Lüscher Model X Pose Year built: 2003 Max sheet size: 135 cm Availability: immediately Condition: good Price: on request Technical specification: â?¢ Machine: Computer to plate, CTP Lüscher X Pose 160-64 diodos, installed in 10/2003. â?¢ New laser head from 11/2011. â?¢ With the CTP is also in the same pack the plate developer, G & J (Glunz & Jensen) 135 cm. â?¢ The equipment is totally reli ...
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Multipack Srl Heat Tunnel Model: E600 Year of Manufacture: 2005 Machine is in good condition
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-Welding current 335 A 35% ED -300 A 60% ED -240 A 100% ED -Welding current in 2 rough steps + 12 fine steps adjustable -Welding current adjustable from 40 A/16 V to 335 A/28.8 V -Separate wire feed -2 roller wire feed infinitely adjustable -2 bar + 4 bar â regulation -Massea cables -Connection 400 V/50 Hz 51 A -Space requirement about B 520 x H 1000 x T 1000 mm -Weight about 170 kg
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Intake manifold 140 mm Engine power 2 .2kW 380V Flow to the nozzle 1109 m3/h Power consumption 4,6A Tank 165 l Weight approx. 200 kg Filter cleaning mechanical 16A-Stecker Starting automatic Operating instructions with remaining warranty up to the 12.12.2019
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Mobile suction and filter device Volume 1900 cbm / h Mbar vacuum 205 Motor 2,2 kW Pipe connection 160 mm 2 x bottling bucket pneumatic cleaning with hand valve
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Technical data: -Welding current -350 A 40% DUTY CYCLE -250 (A) 100% ED -Welding current adjustable 10 A - 330 A -Digital Volt + amp display -4 roll wire feed continuously adjustable 0,5 - 25 m / min. -2 stroke - 4 stroke â regulation -Pulse setting -Wire back fire setting -water cooled torch approx. 4 YDS -Ground cable -Pressure reducer -Water cooling unit MERKLE type: WK 230-300 -Connection 400 V / 32 A / 18 kVA -Space requirement approx. B  ...
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Our No. : 0004 Manufacturer: Elmea Type: MR58 Year of construction: 1993 Machine no. : 12593 Capacity max. : 600 x 2 mm Capacity: 300 x 3 mm Number of rollers: 8 STS. Diameter of the rollers: 58 mm Indicative speed: 3-30 m/min. Motor power: ± 3 kW Machine dimension Wxdxh: 1.40 x 1.00 x 1.30 m Weight of the machine ca.: 850 kg Control: el.
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TG28 - pressurized water up to 140 ° C - technically fully functional, but irreparably damaged therefore expanded control
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TG16 - oil up to 150 ° C - technically fully functional, but control panel broken therefore expanded
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TG17 - oil up to 200 ° C - technically fully functional, but control panel broken therefore expanded
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To specify used Macklin Haubenstrechanlage. With the system, you can also the addition (manufacturer fix Steimel) purchase with matter filling and palletizing system. All machines are in good condition and ready for use.
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available AUMA 15 fully refurbished and never used after refurbishment Heating drum: 1500 dia x 1850mm width see description in the attachment!
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Year built: approx 1998 Const..: approx. 300 bar Weight: 350 kg Other: the hydraulic unit comes from a Coordenades - stamping & punching machine Trumpf TC 240 All technical data are created according to our best knowledge and existing documents; Expressly reserved by mistake. Every interested party can advance test under power the hydraulic power pack.
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Year of construction: approx. 1985 maximum SchweiÃ?lstg.: 500 amps. Machine weight: approx. 500 kg Equipment / Accessories: incl. water cooled torch external wire feeder knife Griesheim DVB 1 Water cooling All specifications were created after bestm knowledge and existing documents; Expressly reserved by mistake. Every interested party can advance test under power the protective gas welding machine.
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250 €
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electrically operated air-less device -complete with cars, high pressure hose and gun
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2 ColoresMojado Wasser Alcohol + VersionDispositivo Puder Weko Sistema registrieren Bacher Equipo Sin dañosLimpia und Revisada Bohren und Nummerierung
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4.500 €
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Concrete stone molds for garden and landscape Rectangle 60x40cm solid brick, rectangular 30x40cm half stone Board size (minimum) 1400x950mm
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Screen Plate Rite PT-R 8000 32 diodes about 8.400 h SA-L 8000 plate loader Stacker Harlequin Rip good condition
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BN 850 €
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Plug'n play cooling unit. Dimensions: 820x560x930mm. more information: on request! the mismatch? sign up. We have many other gastro machines! Greetings
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1.000 €
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We offer you here a cooling unit. Copeland type: OM-38-TFD Compressor model: ZB38KCE-TFD-551 If you are interested and for more information we are available.
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1.000 €
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We offer you here a cooling unit. BITZER + eco Type: 4EC 4,2Y-4OS If you are interested and for more information we are available.
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1.000 €
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We offer you here a cooling unit. BITZER Type: F-250 H BJ. 1988 eco Axiallüfterflüssiger type: ACE 51 A3 MF H Fan motors type: FE 050-4EK-4I-6 If you are interested and for more information we are available.
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Used concrete block making machine Fabr. Henke / Masa with core and attachment Board size 1400 x 1050 mm stroke head countersunk head vehicle group packaging strapping Chambers in a diverse Formen.Mischanlage is complex, ZementsilosDie now can a ready state, but also to the present Site be continued. For more information, 0171 6232061 or via MailLonz - measuring and RegeltechnikBrunnenstrasse 22 65510 Idstein
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A used hydraulic power pack Hydraulic pump, hydraulic tank, Steering It could, if necessary, applies a wooden Psalter naming. be used. Mass approx.: H / B / T 105 cm / 70 cm / 60 cm Tank capacity: 50 litre The glass is missing ZuManometer. Contact person Mr. Mueller see also our over 200 more deals at. (Changes and errors in the technical data, information and prices and subject to prior sale!)
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Temperature control device for candy melts Model: Thermo-quick duo with 2 removable bowls Double wall version with Thermo oil-filling for 6 kg capacity each Regulation thermostat (70 ° C) each dish separately heated 230 V, 700 watts Dimensions: 760 x 410 x 240 mm WxDxH Used unit cleaned and checked with warranty!
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GS Multi System HT-M 25 coating system for pilot/R&D, suitable for sugar & film coatings, with pump, spray nozzle, dust collector and air blower.
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Used protective gas welding equipment MIG / MAT Who attaches importance to industrial quality, which should buy an industrial welding device Here, we offer a rugged reliable phone without vulnerable electronic bells and whistles. Manufacturer: Uniweld Model: RA 325 Attachment case Lisa 15 including valves, hose and burner WITHOUT GAS CYLINDER The unit welds absolutely class and was with us in use! Scope of delivery: Machine as shown on the photos Delivery via shipping upon request. Contact pers ...
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available Bersorff Rotocure Drum diameter: 900 mm Working width: 1400 mm Machine was overhauled recently. Description in annex!
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Sand blasting machine Model: multi purpose cleaning rotor Manufacturer: Baden Maschinenfabrik GmbH Year of construction: 1974. Weight exceeding 5 tonnes. All wear plates have been renewed has been proven and are in top condition. In the Appendix, an operation description of the manufacturer of the machine is The plant is currently new electronically being overtaken. System is fully functional. Contact person Mr. Mueller see also our over 200 more deals at. (Changes and errors in the techn ...
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Capacity: ca 40l; belt width: 240 mm; adjustable conveyor speed; renovated
Número de artículo: 125735665
Feinblech-leveler, used / fine sheet leveler, used Type / type: UBRX 3, 6 x 1600 Year of construction / new in: 1985 Manufacturer / make: WMW Gotha Max sheet width / Max sheet width: 1600 mm Bale length: 1668 mm maximum sheet thickness / Max sheet thickness: 3 mm (yield strength 360 N/mm ^ 2) 3.6 mm (yield strength 280 N/mm ^ 2) 4.1 mm (yield strength 200 N/mm ^ 2) min. sheet ...
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650 €
A the manufacturer of REXROTH hydraulic unit is available here. It was taken from a fullfunktionsfähigen lathe. Type: from 30-05.01 Fuel tank capacity: 250 l Total mass: 1000 x 600 x 1550 mm (Lxwxh) The unit includes the following components: Electric motor Manfred Vogel Power: 6.6 kW - 1760 RPM Rexroth LFPS 160 0 1001.0 maximum operating pressure: 100 bar Content of the pressure Chamber: 0.6 l Rexroth RFP 160 G10 A1. 1 maximum operating pressure: 30 bar Content of the pressure Chamber: 0.9 l ...
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2.300 €
Hydraulic power pack 22kW - year of construction: 1989, type HC 9, with MOOG pump 88 L / min, 130 bar, oil tank 320 L, 1, 5kW compensation pump and oil cooler equipped with.
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BN 6.200 €
Hydraulic agregate with Bob and cooling, engine made in Swden 55kW, cubic capacity 300 dm per min, pressure 31,5 MPa, transport weight ca. 800kg. Ready for work.
Número de artículo: 125563599
HYDRAULIC REXROTH type 100 27-06-132 delivery: immediately number: 27-06-132 manufacturer: Rexroth type: 100 MACHINE data year: approx. 1998 L x W x H: 1200 x 600 x 1400 mm weight: approx. 120 kg Hydraulic ran up to the removal without defects due among other things to wise Multivertor technical data - hydraulic power pack volume: approx 100 dm ³ maximum pressure: approx. 100 bar tank capacity: approx. 200 litres-other accessories on request price and other specifications on request
Número de artículo: 125563589
HYDRAULIC power pack PARKER type 90 27-06-093 delivery time: immediate number: 27-06-093 manufacturer: Parker type: 90 MACHINE data year: approx. 2002 L x W x H: approx. 700 x 800 x 1600 mm weight: approx. 300 kg Very good condition specifications - hydraulic pressure: 15 PSI volume: approx. 90 dm ³ accessories â?¢ incl. MAHLE Industrieï¬?lter accessories on request price and more technical data on request
Número de artículo: 125465520
18.000 €
Basysprint UV setter semi-automatic CTP system and separate water chiller - digital screen imaging with UV - exposure - wavelength approx. 360-450 nm - format 690-940 mm - Materialthickness 0.15-2.0 mm - dimension UV setter W D 2,300 x 2,000 x H 1,710 mm - weight UV setter OSTEO. 2,000 kg - operating hours approx. 43.000 h - lamp operating hours approx. 650 h (of max. 2000 h)
Número de artículo: 124830306
Chiller / composite plant GÃ?NTNER consisting of axial condenser, compressor plant, cabinet - half herme table frequency-controlled single compressor plant - collector set - condenser with fan speed controller GÃ?NTNER, type: GMM 037 B/2N - Cabinet Power consumption of Max 1.84 kW 5.1 kW refrigeration capacity Refrigerant R134A in 12 kg cylinders Fan size 370 mm Number fans 2 piece Volume 4.4 l Test pressure 35.2 bar More information on request. A tour is like possible by arrangement.
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5 x oil temperature controllers Manufacturer: REGLOPLAS Year of construction: 2005-2006
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