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OVERVIEW: Brand: Bystronic Model: Byspeed 3015 Application type: Laser Cutting Machine type: Laser Cutting Machine Availability: 01/11/2018 Construction year: 2007 Production hours: 12500 Location: Spain Origin country: Switzerland GENERAL DATA: Measurements width: 12580 mm Measurements depth: 5550 mm Measurements height: 2200 mm Machine weight: 20000 kg MAIN DRIVE: Laser power: 5.2 kW Laser type: Bylaser 5200 ARC CONTROL UNIT: Brand: ByVision CNC main language: Spanish CNC language cu ...
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OVERVIEW: Brand: Flow Model: Mach4 4020b Application Type: Water Cutting Machine Type: Waterjet Cutting Machines Availability: Immediately Construction year: 2011 Production hours: 780 Location: Spain Origin country: USA MAIN DRIVE: Pump pressure: 6000 bar CONTROL UNIT: Brand: Flow Model: Flow Cut V.7 MOVEMENT: X-AXIS: Movement: 4000 mm Y-AXIS: Movement: 2000 mm WORKPIECE: Workpiece x: 4000 mm Workpiece y: 2000 mm ADDITIONAL EQUIPMENT: 1 - Software and hardware
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The I-Cut 36 is one of Marel’s high-speed, high-precision PortionCutter range and is ideal for cutting products to a fixed weight and/or length. The high accuracy of the machine results in minimal giveaway, thereby providing excellent profit opportunities. The I-Cut 36 operates at high speed, with a top performance of up to 1000 cuts per minute. The I-Cut 36 is extremely flexible, with features that include a 45-degree cutting angle, ensuring that the cut products look natural. The I-Cut 36 can be integrat ...
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Trendsetter 800 QIII year: 2007 2409 Laserhours PC workflow server DELL Power Edge T610 incl.Kodak Print Console and XPO software Debris removal system Located Colombia Available now. Machine wo
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Trendsetter 5067 Q VLF (2.8V) year od manufcture: 2003 Laserhours 2126 Desk Top Dell Precision Tower 5810 with Windows 7 Kodak Print Console XPO software Located Colombia Available now. Machine would be dismanteled and loked by Kodak Service
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4 MECMOR Runden stricken Maschinen Typ VARITEX 1800Jdiameter 42gauge 101170 needles3 Maschinen Jahr 2000 und 1 Jahr 200124 Maschinensysteme bis zu 4 Farben auf jedem System - 96 IRO Typ SFT FeedersWINMECAD grafische Software
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4 MECMOR circular knitting machines type VARITEX 1800J diameter 42 gauge 10 1170 needles 3 machines year 2000 and 1 machine year 2001 24 systems up to 4 colours on each system - 96 IRO type SFT feeders WINMECAD graphical software
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Anzahl der arbeitenden Spindeln 2Spindle Entfernung 400 mm.Slide Strich 800 mm.Minimum Loch bohren Durchmesser (in Stahl ST.60) Ã = 5,0 mm.Maximum Loch bohren Durchmesser (in Stahl ST.60) Ã = 15,0 mm.MAIN Ausrüstung Maßnahmen: Dimensions ca. 10355 x 5825 x 3685 mm.Machine Gewicht 25.000 Kg.WORK-HOLDING Tabelle: Clamping Oberfläche 1200 x 1200 mm.Angle Messung 360ºdisplayed auf die stationären verzinsliche Rotations-screen.\ RCONTROL:SINUMERIK 840-D.Software Programm S 7.300
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Number of working spindles 2 Spindle distance 400 mm. Slide stroke 800 mm. Minimum hole drilling diameter (in steel ST.60) Ø = 5,0 mm. Maximum hole drilling diameter (in steel ST.60) Ø= 15.0 mm. MAIN EQUIPMENT MEASURES: Dimensions approx. 10355 x 5825 x 3685 mm. Machine weight 25.000 Kg. WORK-HOLDING TABLE: Clamping surface 1200x1200 mm. Angle measurement 360º displayed on the steady-rate rotary screen. CONTROL: SINUMERIK 840-D. Software Program S 7.300
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Used CNC coordinate measuring machine DEA EPSILON 2305. software PCDMIS CAD (2009). recently callibrated. Travels: X 2540 mm, Y 1375 mm, Z 970 mm. HEAD PH10 + TP20, 6 position point changer, annual calibrations (CALIBRATION ENAC + AGLQR). The machine can work automatically. Very good working condition !
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Krauss Maffei KM 500 2700 C 2 2002, Hydraulic pump work hours : 67007 hoursClamping force 500 Tons, Size of mould platens HXV 1270x1200 mm, Clearance between tie bars HXV 900x800 mm, mould opening strokre 1170 mm. Max, daylight 1650 mm, Mould hight min-max 480 mm. Dry cycle time Euromap 6 sec. Injection unit: Screw diameter 70 mm L/D 23. Injection pressure 2389 bar. Max shot volumen 1097 cm3, Shot weight PS 998 g. Injection rate 473 cm3/sc,Screw speed maximum 1/min, Plasticising rate max PS 83 g/sec. Heating cap ...
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Laser cutting machine TRUMPF L4050, Working range 4000 x 2000 mm. Max. cutting capacity: Plate \normal/black\ = 25 mm Inox = 20 mm. Aluminium = 12 mm. Good working condition!. Doeas not include software.
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Special Offer: 3D measuring machine DEA MONOLITICA, manuela. new electrical part - 2006, Software PC-demis & Tutor (updated in 2006) plate(1800x900x800) mm3 Good working condition The price is very low as it must be removed quickly In any additional information required, please do not hesitate to contact us
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Available software + complete documentation
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SPECIAL OFFER Punching Machine FINN POWER Shear Genius TRS6 – Hydraulic Punch / Right Angle Shear Center, Model TRS6, NEW IN 1996, 30 Ton CNC Turret Punch, 21 Turret Station, max sheet dimentions 1528 x 3061mm, nr, mux punch diameter 89 mm, max material thickness 8 mm, CNC Index tools: 10 pcs, Integrated Hydraulic Punch / Right Angle Shear Center: aluminium 5 mm, steel 4 mm, stainless steel 3 mm, min material thickness 0,5 mm, max piece weight 200 kg. Weight 22 t. Siemens Sinumerik CNC Controller. INCLUD ...
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Weight approx.: 5000 kgDimensions (l x w x h) approx.: 4700 x 2380 x 2270 mmDescription: â?¢ CNC machining center for doors and frames â?¢ Serial number M10-072 â?¢ Working area approx. 2300 x 1100 mm â?¢ Electrospindle ELTE TMPE5, power 4.50 kw-max. 18000 rpm, with manual tool change â?¢ Horizontal milling group 3.30 kw-max. 18000 rpm to work from ahead â?¢ Horizontal milling group 2.20 kw-max. 18000 rpm to work from behind â?¢ Numerical control OSAI â?¢ Software Windows XP â?¢ 4 consoles with 2  ...
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Gewicht ca.: 1400 kgAbmessungen (LxBxH) ca.: 3750 x 2300 x 1300 mmArtikelbeschreibung: Max. Blattgröáe: 1500 x 3000 mm. Max. Schnittleistung: 22 mm. Plasmagenerator LGK 100 IGBT. Geschwindigkeit: 15m/min. Inklusive vielsprachige Fastcam Software. USB Datentransfer. Kompatibel mit AutoCAD, Type3, Pro, Caxa, usw. THC Kontrolle.
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Weight approx.: 1400 kgDimensions (l x w x h) approx.: 3750 x 2300 x 1300 mmDescription: Max. Sheet Size: 1500 x 3000 mm. Max. Cutting Capacity: 22 mm. LGK 100 IGBT Plasma generator. Cutting Speed: 15m/min. Multilanguage Fastcam Software included. USB data transfer. Compatible with AutoCAD, Type3, Pro, Caxa, etc. THC Control.
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Gewicht ca.: 5000 kgAbmessungen (LxBxH) ca.: 4700 x 2380 x 2270 mmArtikelbeschreibung: â?¢ CNC Bearbeitungszentrum für Türen und Rahmen â?¢ Seriennummer M10-072 â?¢ Arbeitsbereich ca. 2300 x 1100 mm â?¢ Elektrospindel ELTE TMPE5, Leistung 4.50 kW-max. 18000 UpM, mit manuellen Werkzeugwechsel â?¢ Horizontalfräsaggregat 3,30 kw-max. 18000 UpM von oben arbeitend â?¢ Horizontalfräsaggregat 2,20 kw-max. 18000 UpM von hinten arbeitend â?¢ Numerische Steuerung OSAI â?¢ Software Windows XP â?¢ 4 Konso ...
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