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A geared motor (motor comes from MOTOVARIO, the transmission by seepex) packaged new and original. Power: 0.75 kW Voltage: 230/400V Speed: 2,800 Protection class: IP55 Translation gear: 292,31 or 58,46
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rated current: 3,2 Aengine output: 0,37 kWRequired air-pressure: 10 bar: 230/110 Vdimensions: 1300x820x2000 mmweight: 342 kg
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Actuators for conveyor and storage technology. Drives are adapted to the application. Questions to info@pradler
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Serial number: 01.7392286701.000.-002.16 Title: MOVIMOT worm screw gear motor Input speed [r/min]: 1400 Drive speed {r/min]: 32 6.5} Translation total [l]: 43,33 Ma max [NM]: 1,100 Torque [NM]: 1030 SEW-FB operating factor: 1.05 Design IN the: M1A Location Klemmenk. [°] / Kabeleinfg. : 270 (T) / normal Lubricant / quantity [l]: CLP 680 miner. Oil / 1.80 Motor power [kW]: 4 / 0.8 Motor power [kW]: 4,000 Motor frequency [Hz]: 50 Duty cycle S1-S10: S1 Rangeability (CT): 1:5 Motor frequency f2 [Hz]: 13 Motor voltag ...
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Planetary gear Manufacturer: REXROTH For further information/data on request NEW / NEW For more information, see pictures!
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Bevel-helical gear units Manufacturer: Bonfiglioli Model: A 413 UH45 P80 LO E engine: Euromotori 0, 55kw MS8026 Built in 2008 NEW, unused from old stock for further details please refer to the pictures.
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Bevel-helical gear units Manufacturer: Bonfiglioli Model: A-50 4 UH50 P90 LO E engine: Euromotori 1 .1kw MS9016 Built in 2008 NEW, unused from old stock for further details please refer to the pictures.
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Worm gear screw jacks RN-100t as presses drive / actuator screw jacks Nosen RN-100TBTMDR1/32-1300P Cubic screw jacks with 260 KN compressive force dynamic at 300 rpm. Static pressure force 1000 KN. Reduction ratio i = 100 mm, pitch 1:32, spindle diameter 16 mm, 1300 mm, with headstock, double-sided shaft input, d = spindle stroke 50 mm motor flange on one side, d = 300 mm. Protection tube. Weight 400 kg. The worm gear screw jack is used.
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Press actuator / pneumatic actuator RNF070 Worm gear screw jacks RNF070-DTSB Nosen 1/10-400 P Cubic screw jacks with 200 KN compressive force dynamically with 300 rpm. Reduction ratio i = 70 mm, pitch 1:10, spindle diameter 10 mm, spindle stroke 400 mm, with headstock and double-sided shaft input, d = 32 mm. Driven by induction motor 4 KW, 400 V, 50 Hz: Make minor Y3HE-112M 4 B14F1 IE2 Protection degree IP55-S1. 8.1 A, 1445 rpm, cos phi 0.81. Worm gear Varvel FRT-G70/B3 VSF, i = 1:5 IEC112/B14 AU30
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Single acting pneumatic actuator, type it 350 Spring Kit Nr. 4 Function: Federkraftschließend Manufacturer: El-o-matic (today: Emerson) Type: ES0350H1A04A00N0 Serial No.: 4220206001055 Pressure: maximum 8 bar (116 PSI) Max./min. temperature: 80 ° C / - 20 ° C Drives are as good as new, as they are still unused! New price: 563,84
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Rotary actuator DW100, DIN, F07/10, 8kt. 17, ATEX pneumatic, double acting Manufacturer: End fittings Type: ED621002/AX Serial No.: 534623 / 41977 According to Directive 94/9/EC (ATEX) The Max Media and ambient temperatures may following individual temperature classes Values do not exceed: 65 ° C at temperature class 6 80 ° C at temperature class 5
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Dear Sirs, We are glad to offer you the following variety of used machinery instalments. I would appreciate it a lot if you kindly respond to me in case you are in need for those instalments. Drive-in rack, Schäfer 3.000 storage places for pallets, 1.000 Kg per pallet, dismantling and collection by customer at station Germany. Should you need further items which are not included in our offer, do not hesitate sending an appropriate inquiry. I will be pleased to handle your demands instantly and ...
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