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GMG InkOptimizer SheetFed version 4.7 complete package Much more than just color save - GMG InkOptimizer stabilized and optimized the entire printing process. The color composition of images, complete pages or printing forms is standardized and increased the percentage of black. At the same time, the Visual color impression remains virtually unchanged. The color optimization intervenes right there, where the human eye most sensitively responds - in the gray balance. This is stabilized, Thus in the neutral a ...
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Focus on productivity.Prinect Pressroom Manager.The integration of all process steps gives print shops the decisive competitive edge. With the Prinect Pressroom Manager®, you link the available information together intelligently so that print jobs are automatically delivered to the right press at the right time. Software for centralized control Perfect integration of printing presses and color measurement systems Fast and reliable processing of job and presetting data reduces paper waste and setup timeThis automat ...
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Color zone before setting software for Roland 300/700 ONE PrePress link PECOM job card drive to write the data (you need the a reading ability at the Roland control console); good
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fully JDF-based, fully automatable prepress workflow system with tools for testing and optimizing the provided PDF data, including color management, trapping, and perfect integration with Prinect Signa station, Prinect MetaDimension and A Prinect Prinance? Heidelberg Prinect pre press Manager M (4Up) dongle No. 08911. with the PDF print engine PSS 4.0-75 IOP with PDF Imposer with prepress Manager 4.0 EN with Prinect license server dongle 4.3; as new
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ProfileMaker Professional is a comprehensive software package for creating ICC profiles for input and output devices, with support for up to 10 full color multi color processes. Also can compare the corresponding program modules measuring files, and means, ICC profiles edit, convert PANTONE colors to device colors, CxF files read and write, and more ProfileMaker input Creation of ICC profiles for scanners incl. incident -, Duchlicht - and slide-Testchart with reference files (IT8 charts) ProfileMaker monito ...
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Optimum Print Sheet Layout in an Instant Prinect Signa Station is one of the world\'s leading software solutions for impositioning and sheet assembly. Distinctive program features include easy-to-understand tools, visual control of all workflow stages, conceptual separation of fold sheets and print sheets, and special modules for packaging printing. Prinect Signa Station provides all the right conditions for reducing throughput times and increasing overall process efficiency. This significantly reduces make-ready ...
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The Perfect Link Between Prepress, Press and Postpress Direct import of relevant print parameters from prepress Precise presetting of the ink zones and reliable job identification Color workflow supported by transfer of the type and positions of print control strips and Mini Spots Transfer of cutting and folding marks to finishing machines Advanced client/server software architecture Intuitive operator interface Integrated PANTONE and HKS color databases Prinect Prepress Interface ensures smooth interaction betwe ...
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AGFA Apogee Pilot Series 3. Consisting of: CD and latest Update, DongleAvailable: now
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AGFA Apogee Print Drive Series 3 VLF with Open Connect. The Open Connect Option is activated in the Dongle. Consisting of: CD and latest Update, Dongle, APIS-Card and APIS-AdapterAvailable: now
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AGFA Apogee Print Drive Series 3 VLF with Inkdrive, DQS and TIFF Output. The Option Inkdrive(CIP3), DQS and TIFF Output are activated in the Dongle. Consisting of: CD and latest Update, Dongle, APIS-Card and APIS-AdapterAvailable: now
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AGFA Apogee Viper PDF-Rip including Dongle, CDs, APIS-Board and APIS-AdapterAvailable: now
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AGFA Viper 3.04 Software-Rip including Dongle, CDs (Original 3.01 and Update 3.04), APIS-Board and APIS-AdapterAvailable: now
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AGFA Viper 1.9 Software-Rip including Dongle, CDs, APIS-Board and APIS-AdapterAvailable: now
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